How Do Bookie Bets Work?

A look at the different types of bets that bookies can offer by utilizing a pay per head service.

Gamblers who often take part in bookies betting come across different types of sports bets. Some of them suit amateurs, while others are ideal for professional bettors.

Besides, you can find certain bets in a limited number of sports. Here are six famous bookie bets and how they work.

1. Point Spreads
Point spreads are common in football, especially in the United States. Most American sportsbooks call them straight bets.

Unlike win wagers, point spreads involve betting on the team that you think will cover the spread. Bookies create the spread and make both teams equal favorites.

betting odds typesThey deduct several points from the public's favorite and add a few points to the underdog. The spread's size determines the number of points that the operator will award or deduct from a certain team.

If you support the favorite, it means that you are supporting them to the game by a margin which is larger than the spread's size. But, if you back the underdog, you will support them to lose by a margin that is less than the spread's size or win the game.

2. Moneylines
They are also called win bets and they entail predicting the player or team that will win a game. This bet option is easy and appropriate for any gambler.

For example, a bookmaker can offer bettors a Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game to wager on and assign each team the following odds:

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Game Winner: Warriors 3.60      Cavaliers 1.33

The Golden States have higher odds as they are the underdogs. So, you will get a $360 total return if you bet $100 on the team. A $100 wager on the Cavaliers will earn you $133 once they win.

3. Handicap Bets
Handicap wagers are popular in most countries, as they closely resemble point spreads. Bookies still award and deduct points from the two competing teams but their main objective isn't to make the teams equal favorites.

These bets allow bettors to improve their winning chances. But, they significantly reduce your odds. A bookie can offer the following football game to wager on:

Southampton vs Burnley
Full-time results: Southampton 3.50      Draw 3.40     Burnley 2.20

These can be the operator's handicap offers for Burnley

Burnley +1:1.30
Burnley  -1:4.33
Burnley -2:11.00

Supporting Burnley +1 will award the team one goal. But, its odds might be lesser than supporting Burnley in an ordinary win-draw market. Supporting Burnley -1 shows that the bookie will deduct one goal from them and supporting Burnley -2 will need the operator to deduct two goals.

These two bets will have higher odds compared to backing Burnley in a standard wine market.

4. Prop Bets
Proposition wagers, commonly known as prop bets, comprise wagering on a sporting event's specific aspects that don't have a direct impact on its outcome, such as the team that will score the first goal.

5. Futures
These are bets that you will place while predicting the winner of a particular competition, league, or tournament. Some futures example include:

 - Supporting a golfer to win the United States Masters before it commences
 - Supporting a tennis player to lead in the French Open in advance

1. Totals
This involves predicting the total goals, runs, or points that two teams will score in a game. You can place an under or over totals bet. Bookmakers try to create a 50/50 proposition and assign both options similar odds.

Even so, you can find different lines in some sports. For example, if Australia is playing England in a cricket match, a bookie can set the total number of runs scored, as will have the following market:

Australia vs England
Total Runs: Over 7801.80      Under 7802.10

Point spreads, moneylines, handicap bets, prop bets, futures, and totals bets are the most renowned wagers. Each type of sports bet has its pros and cons. Thus, it is advisable to research more about any bet before you gamble.

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