Is Pay Per Head Good for You?

A look at what pay per head services have to offer.

Are you researching the options you have to become a bookie?

The easiest way to become a bookie is by joining a pay per head (PPH) service. The reason why is because a PPH service is an all-in-one solution that’s affordable for everyone.

Breaking Down What a PPH Service Offers

We won't get into the details too much, but here’s a list of what a PPH service offers:

 - Software: Required to accept sportsbook, racebook and casino wagers.
 - Website: Have a custom site using your own domain (URL).
 - Call Center: Your players can place telephone bets and receive support 24/7.
 - Betting Lines: PPH services handle all of the odds management.
 - Betting Markets: Provide odds on sports leagues around the world, not just US sports.
 - Reports: Track all financials through automated reporting features.

PPH sets oddsA pay per head service is good for you, if you're looking for a turnkey solution.

You can be up and running today with a PPH service. It would take you months and a big budget to try and develop your own software and website. Plus, you’d still need to manage the odds daily and provide support to your players. These are all tasks handled by pay per head services.

Pay Per Head Cost

One of the main reasons why pay per head services are good for you is the cost.

While the cost can vary, you should expect to pay around $10/head. The $10/head fee is paid weekly for every active player (made at least one wager that week). So, if you only have a small player list of 10 players, you’d pay $100/week to access all of the features a pay per head service provides.

Focus on Growing The Player List

If you’re spending hours everyday managing odds, answering support questions and all other tasks that a PPH service will perform for you, you’ll have no time left to grow your player list.

Your time is best spent keeping your players happy and finding new players.

Retaining Players: An often overlooked aspect of running a bookie is retaining players you have already. Everyone focuses on marketing, but spend some time and money ensuring your players are kept happy. Offering a free play or bonus is part of the business.

Finding Players: First, you need to decide if you’re going to be a local-only bookie. That'll limit your marketing opportunities, but is ideal for new bookies. Your goal as a bookie is to constantly find new players. You’ll only grow revenues by increasing turnover.


The best way to start a per head sportsbook business is with a pay per head.

You don’t need a huge budget to begin, as the costs are fixed. You have no development costs when partnering with a PPH shop either. A pay per head is definitely good for you.

Another benefit is that you have an experienced team behind you that can help out. New bookies will require assistance and a great PPH will guide you through every problem that may arise.

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