NBA Playoff Betting -- Warriors-Mavs: Will Deuces Be Wild Again in Game 2?

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  • Fri, May 20th, 2022 3:23:42 pm
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

The Golden State Warriors played a masterful Game 1 against the Dallas Mavericks, and they'll try to repeat that effort in Game 2 at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

The Golden State Warriors are a capable team from downtown; we all know that. But they were absolutely on fire when it came to shots from inside the arc in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Should BetOnline customers be expecting more of the same when Game 2 commences at 9 p.m. Eastern time in San Francisco?

We do admit that the Dallas Mavericks may have been dead tired after their seven-game playoff series against the Phoenix Suns. But they really got pasted on Wednesday night, losing 112 - 87 as their shooting eyes abandoned them.

Dallas is a team that likes to depend on making three pointers, as there inside game is not all that imposing. But when they can't make long-distance shots, it leaves a vacuum but it's very hard to fill. On this particular occasion, that was the case, as they went just 11 for 48 behind the three-point arc. That's just 23%, and that's never going to be good enough to win against a team of Golden State's caliber.

Luka Doncic, the guy who does everything, made just six field goals the entire game. And the Warriors played an interesting defensive scheme against Dallas, leaving Andrew Wiggins to hassle Doncic, while Draymond Green took away the second scoring option, guard Jalen Brunson.

And it would be understandable if Doncic came back with a big game, as he has done many times in the past. Still, one had to be left with the impression but there's still some remaining upside for Golden State, which made just ten of its 29 triples.

In the NBA playoff odds posted on this game by the folks at BetOnline, Golden sState is the favorite once again:

Golden State Warriors -6
Dallas Mavericks +6

Over 215 points - 110
Under 215 points - 110

Not a whole lot went right for Dallas in Wednesday's game. And some of their weaknesses obviously got exposed. When you run a team off the three-point line, as the Mavs did in Game 1, you open up another avenue for the opponent to score, and that includes drives to the hoop. It would be one thing if Dallas really had a certifiable rim protector, but the fact is they don't. More often than not, Golden State was pulling up and making mid-range jumpers (they shoyt 68% two-pointers), and that's drove Dallas absolutely batty, because the one thing you can't do is to overplay the Warriors inside the arc, since they've got some of the best long-range marksmen to ever play in the NBA, namely Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. That's a big concern going forward for Jason Kidd.

And if it continues to be evident that Green can neutralize Brunson, what you have left is Doncic trying to play his own version of "hero ball." That might leave the Mavericks a little motionless on the offensive end.

Golden State clearly won the battle of the boards, outrebounding Dallas by a 51-35 margin. So when Dallas was bricking from the outside, they weren't getting many second-shot opportunities. From that standpoint, the Warriors can put their small lineup out on the floor, without a whole lot of worry as to whether they could be brutalized with muscle by Dallas, because the Mavs don't have a whole lot of it. So that's really the dilemma as we entered Friday night's game.

And we do admit that Dallas, which scored that stunning upset over the top seed in the West (Phoenix), is probably capable of addressing that dilemma. But without the whole lot of scoring balance in the lineup, we'd like to see them do that before investing in it. Therefore, we are going to go ahead and lay the points with the Warriors, who still benefit from having taken more rest going into this series.

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