PokerStars Bonus

Make your first-ever real money deposit and we will give you a 100% bonus up to $600!

100% First Deposit Bonus at Poker Stars

Make your first-ever real money deposit using the bonus code 'STARS600', and Poker Stars will give you a 100% bonus up to $600. To claim the full value of the bonus, you can make up to three qualifying deposits in 60 days.

Alternatively, deposit using code 'THIRTY' and claim $30 of free play.
How the 100% First Deposit Bonus works

Once you've made your deposit, you need to earn VIP Player Points (VPPs) by playing real money games. For more information on VPPs and how to earn them, click here.

Every time you reach 200 VPPs we'll credit your Stars Account with $10 cash - that's a rebate of at least 27% on every dollar you spend. You have four months after each qualifying deposit to earn all the VPPs needed to release your bonus.
Multi-Currency Rates

The deposit bonus is also available in Euros (EUR/€), British Pounds (GBP/£) and Canadian Dollars (CAD/$). The following table shows bonus and clearance rates in all the currencies that we offer.

Currency Maximum Bonus Clearance Rate
USD ($) $600 200 VPPs per $10
EUR (€) €500 250 VPPs per €10
GBP (£) £400 300 VPPs per £10
CAD ($) $600 200 VPPs per $10

See the First Time Deposit FAQs for full details and examples of how it works.

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