Super Bowl Preview -- The Agony of Memorable Super Bowl Plays

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  • Sun, Feb 13th, 2022 11:15:59 am
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

The Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals brings up memories of great disappointments on that part of some participants.

It would appear that there is nothing quite like the exhiliration of winning a Super Bowl. Likewise, there is nothing quite like the agony of losing one.

You may have spent quite a bit of time thinking about which players might fit which category. But we can bet that nobody wants to be on the wrong end of the plays we're going to talk about here.

First things first - here are the odds on the Super Bowl, where the Rams are the home team and a favorite:

Cincinnati Bengals (13-7 SU & ATS) at Los Angeles Rams (15-5 SU, 10-10 ATS)
Live at SoFi Stadium
Inglewood, CA
Sunday, February 13 -- 6:30 PM ET

Super Bowl Odds at BetOnline

Los Angeles Rams -4.5 (-105)
Cincinnati Bengals +4.5 (-115)

Over 49 Points -105
Under 49 Points -115

SCOTT NORWOOD, Super Bowl XXV -- The general consensus was that the Buffalo Bills were the better team on the field, and maybe the best in the NFL, as they headed into their first Super Bowl. They were indeed favored by a touchdown when lining up against Bill Parcells' Giants, who were quarterbacked by Jeff Hostetler, who had been standing in for the injured Phil Simms. On a dramatic last-minute drive in their no-huddle offense, the Bills advanced to the New York 29, and left it in the hands of their kicker, Scott Norwood, who was 72% accurate for his career and had been All-Pro just two seasons earlier, missed the kick wide right, beginning what many believed to be a Super Bowl curse for the Bills. "Wide right" became part of American culture, and was referenced in movies like "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and "Buffalo '66."

GARO YEPREMIAN, Super Bowl VII -- Speaking of undefeated seasons, Yepremian, a Cypriot who had never seen an NFL game until he played in one, looked like he was dead set on ruining the Miami Dolphins' chances to go 17-0. Leading the Washington Redskins by a 14-0 count, the Dolphins lined up to kick a field goal from 42 yards out. Yepremian's kick was blocked, and as Garo recovered it, he tried to make a play by throwing the ball, but flubbed it. After compounding matters by batting the ball in the air, Mike Bass of the Redskins, a standout on George Allen's special teams, pulled it down and took it 49 yards to the end zone, turning a comfortable game into a nail-biter. Dolphin fans are thankful for the defense, which later held on a last-gasp drive to ensure the victory and a perfect season, which seemed far from perfect as "Garo's Gaffe" was unfolding.

There are at least 25 plays that could qualify for this list. You've got Bob Lilly's 29-yard sack of Bob Griese (VI), Joe Montana's last-second TD pass to John Taylor (XXIII), Leon Lett's fumble return that didn't quite make it to paydirt (XXVII), Willie Brown's TD interception return (XI), Dan Bunz's goal-line tackle on Charles Alexander (XVI), Kenny King's 80-yard TD catch (XV), Marcus Allen's 74-yard TD run (XVIII), Joe Theismann knocking the ball out of Kim Bokamper's hands (XVII), Desmond Howard's kickoff return (XXXI), Santonio Holmes' TD catch or James Harrison's interception return (XLIII), Adam Vinatieri's winning field goals, or any of the great plays made by Lynn Swann and John Stallworth.

And one we will never forget - that slant-in thrown by Russell Wilson  in Super Bowl XLIX (49) where New England's Malcolm Butler broke through what was supposed to be a pick situation and jumped the route, intercepting the ball with 20 seconds left and preserving a Patriots victory.

It was agony on the part of Wilson, with the flip side that Butler created some"ecstacy" with the first interception of his NFL career.

But what tilts the scales here is that if Seattle ran Marshawn Lynch, they could have punched the ball into the end zone. At least that is the general consensus. The fact that they decided not to do that is still pretty agonizing.

Maybe we can add some more to this list on Sunday.

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