Yes, your local street bookie has a website, and all the odds and sports you can enjoy at any decent offshore online sportsbook and can even offer live in-game betting, a full suite of casino games and live Texas Hold 'Em.

For the past decade or so local bookmakers have begun to do what many companies have done for years - outsource part of their operations. Using a price-per-head service has become increasingly popular, enabling local bookmakers to become recruiters and manage their businesses.

The online betting services are provided by a firm such as Real Bookies, who manages the player's entire online experience including the websites, the odds themselves, and all of the player's data. This takes a huge load of work off the street agent who then pays the service provider a small fee (as low as $10) per head, (that is, per active player), per week.

Price-per-head services provide bookmaking software, call centers and different administration tools packaged together. PPH services, as they are known, have become specific and affordable. Bookmakers can startusing a PPH provider with as little as one customer and can specify whether they are looking for just internet bookmaking services or a full turn-key package complete with call call center, casino and racebook. .

The PPH concept is based on allowing the bookmaker to provide his clientele with an anonymous wagering solution. By signing up with a PPH service, a bookmaker can compete with offshore sportsbooks on equal footing. Offering 24-hour wagering, 365 days a year, a bookmaker can now accommodate his players with a more reliable and efficient service. Find the most reputable PPH services here.

How Price Per Head Services Work:

The agent or bookmaker sets up with a provider and funds his agent account with a minimum of two weeks of estimated player fees. Fees can range anywhere from $5-$20 per week, per active player (fee range is based on number of active players and services provided). Agents do not pay a fee for a player who does not wager in a particular week. Once the PPH provider has the agent setup, the agent can assign usernames and passwords to his players and give these players the Internet URL and phone number of the PPH provider. Players can then wager with the same services offered at most online sportsbooks and bookmakers can pull daily and weekly reports to settle all billing.

Advantages of Price-Per-Head Services for agents:

  • Minimal Risk and Exposure
  • 24 hour wagering availability
  • Greater variety of betting options
  • 24/7 Line risk management
  • Remote Online Reporting
  • Dedicated 800#'s & Unique URL and Website

Some of the top Price Per Head services can be found here at OSGA.