Boxing Betting - Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson - last we heard, they were trying to be "real"

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  • Sun, Mar 31st, 2024 5:33:30 pm
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are scheduled to get in the ring together on July 20, but will it be "real" or just an exhibition?

An early look at the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson boxing match

To some BetOnline customers, it seems fitting that the much-ballyhooed fight to take place between former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and novice pro Jake Paul is scheduled for July 20. Those people might not believe there was ever a moon landing, and they might not believe in this fight either.

And that has been the topic that has kept this fight in the news, four months out. Is it real or isn't it?

That's the question everyone has had. And it's pertinent, because if it's real, then that means Tyson will be going all out to take Jake Paul's head off, for as long as he can hold out. If it's not, then they may just dance around each other for eight rounds.

boxing Jake Paul vs Mike TysonThat this wasn't revealed up front may be part of the artistry involved in this promotion. The longer they keep people guessing, the more discussion will be taking place in the social media channels, and the more interest this will create.

Some of the guesswork may have been eliminated. I THINK I know where this is going. It's been leaked - not by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, mind you - that this fight will have two-minute rounds, no judges and 16-ounce gloves. That would indicate that it is an exhibition.

Were they ever intending anything else?

This fight could end in a knockout, technical knockout or - since this is Tyson we're talking about - a disqualification, in which case there would indeed be a decisive winner, whether or not it's been officially declared. In a case like that, this proposition at BetOnline would apply, and Jake Paul is the favorite:

Jake Paul     -160
Mike Tyson +130

Here's what I've been thinking about: these guys have been posturing as if they really wanted this to be a regulation, sanctioned fight.

But if they were truly serious about it, there were other places they could go with it.

And when I say that, I mean jurisdictions where there is little or no boxing regulation. This could include a place like Alaska,Wyoming or Vermont. Or a state that is very loosely regulated and / or accommodating, such as Kansas or Arkansas. There are others. These are areas that, as we used to say in the business, "will pass anything."

Then of course there are the many tribal reservations across the country. Some of them have commissions; some don't. Some use the commission associated with the state were they are located. The bottom line is that they don't have to subject themselves to state boxing regulations if they don't want to.

In places like these, the promoters can virtually make their own rules. They can get most anything declared an "official" fight.

That is to say, if they really wanted to do it that badly.

In Texas maybe they don't have the strictest commission. But it's not the worst either. I mean, there is somebody "watching." There are tests the fighters have to take that might not be required from the lightweight commissions. And most of the states have a football stadium somewhere.

I don't know about the financial arrangements with the venue, but it would not be surprising if AT&T Stadium, with Jerry Jones, would have made a deal for a live gate guarantee. That might offer an explanation as to why the fight is going to be in Texas.

I don't expect a lot of resistance from the regulatory people in Texas, because frankly, they want the event. The Combative Sports division is proud of the big crowds they've had at some of their events. They brag about it on their front page.

The only question is how this will be served up to us.

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