The sportsbooks with the best teaser options can be found right here. The reviews below for the top teaser sportsbooks have been compiled over the last 23+ years and include reviews on sportsbooks from players and corporate visits to the sportsbooks who pay the fastest in the online sports gambling industry. .

The information on the top teaser sportsbooks below is gathered from player feedback, independent research, phone calls, tips and inside sources revealing who offers the best teaser payouts and offers the best teaser odds.

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BetAnySports has an unbeatable variety of teasers for players looking to get an edge on the line. They offer 4.5 point teasers, 5 point all the way up to 19 point teasers! You can also pick from different teaser betting options where ties lose, push or even win!

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This sportsbook started back in 1997 as Casablanca Sports. WagerWeb has a great website with contests and decimal pricing as well as American odds and guarantees next day payouts. They are a medium-sized sportsbook that does real customer service and is a great out for recreational players.

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This sportsbook has paid like clockwork for nearly 25 years since opening in the late 90s as Payoffs Plus. The 'Plus' is in higher than average teaser and parlay odds. Get 4-team 6 point teasers at 3-1, six teamers at 7-1 and 7-team teasers at a whopping 10-1, unheard of throughout the industry. And the teasing doesn't stop there! BetPOP has pleasers, sweetheart teasers and 21 point blackjack teasers available.

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BetMania has always been known as a teaser shop. They are the only outfit that offers an even money 6-point teaser for football and gives even money on a two-team 4 point basketball teaser. In addition to great teaser action Betmania offers -107 Juice on Football action (NCAA & NFL) all season. And, in a BetMania Exclusive - Crazy Teasers! With Crazy Teaser Odds get a discount on Regular 2 Team and 3-4 Team Special Teasers. Ties in a Crazy Special Teaser no longer means losing the bet!

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