Five Important Criteria When Choosing an Online Bookmaker

A look at 5 important things to look for in an online sportsbook before buying sending any money.

When I started with my site, I wanted to create an honest brand and I didn't want to promote bookmakers just because of small commision. I wanted to share good betting sites with my followers, that I trust and that I have good experience. You know, when you start betting you don't know which bookmakers are good and which are not. People are usually fooled by flashy sites and great bonuses. But the reality is much different. 

A good or bad bookmaker can be the difference between making money and losing money. Some bookmakers don't even pay you if you win! If you will take some time to research bookmakers, you will save money and time later. Believe me. 

We all need bookmakers, because without them we can not bet, I hope you agree with me. But picking the right online sportsbook is not easy. This is my personal criteria, how would I pick a bookmaker:

#1 Most Important: Getting Paid When I Win

Do you know, that there are a lot of bookmakers, who will not pay you if you win? It is unacceptable, but this is our reality. There are a lot of people, who beat bookmakers and they didn't get their money. This is most important thing for me. If I win, I want that they pay me. No matter, if I stop betting today, they must clear my account and pay me everything. Great bonuses, good odds, variety of bets and other things are not important if they don't pay you after you win. This is why I am very careful, when I pick bookmaker for myself. I don't need flashy sites, I don't need huge bonuses, I don't need special bets, I don't need Casino — I want to be sure, that they will pay me. This is the most important thing. After that we can talk about other things. 

#2 Second Most Important: Limits and Max Wager

Limits and Max Wager are two different things. Do you know, that a lot of bookmakers will limit you, if you start winning? I will say it again: It is unacceptable, but this is our reality. For example, if you start winning and your bets are bigger and bigger, they will just limit you and I know stories from people, who couldn't bet more than $50 per bet, after they started winning. I don't want to be in this situation. The second thing is max wager. We all believe, that we will start winning and our bets will be bigger and bigger. If you are small bettor, than you probably don't care about max wager, but if you win more and more and you bankroll grows, you will need bookmakers, which will allow you to bet high stakes.

bookmaker's odds#3 Third Most Important: Payouts / margins

After I find a top bookmaker, which will pay me and allow me to bet what I want, I would start looking who has the best odds. 90% of people still don't understand how important this is. When we bet, we pay something. And the odds are the prizes. You can pay for the same thing $110 or you can pay for the same thing $105. What will you do? Would you pay for the same car $500 more? Of course not. So, why you pay more if you can pay less with good bookmaker? If we take an example of one game. The game is the same for everyone. No matter where you bet, the game and the result of the game is the same for us. But the price is not the same. Because some bookmakers will have better odds and some will have worse odds and you will pay more.

So, what is margin? The easiest way to understand margins is this: We have two teams and let's say, that there is only 2 possible outcomes (win — loss). And let's say, that they have exactly the same chances to win this game (probability 50% — 50%). So, fair odds would be 2.00 vs 2.00 (U.S. players +100 vs +100). But they never give us this price. Instead of 2.00 vs 2.00 (+100 vs +100), they will offer something like 1.95 vs 1.95 (-105 vs -105). And those 5 cents are margins and this is what you have to pay more. In reality, if you get 1.95 vs 1.95 is very good. Most bookmakers are not that generous. I would definitely look for bookmakers with reduced juice, low margins, bigger payouts or better odds if you want. When you start betting big money, then you see how important is every single line. If you bet small money on odds of 2.00 or 2.05, you will not see big difference, but if you bet $10.000 on the same odds, then this is a $500 difference!

#4 Fourth Most Important: Good Customer Service

There will always be something with money, with odds, with payments,...and you will need customer service for sure. Always when it comes to our money, we don't want to wait. I like live chat, so if I have any question, I like that they give the answer as soon as possible. We trust our money to some site and I hate if they don't answer. Every bookmaker will have some choices for customer service, mostly by email, phone or live chat. I prefer live chat.

#5 Fifth Most Important: Quick and Easy Funding

Most bookmakers will have couple of deposit and withdrawal options and I don't want to wait too long for my money. This is important especially when they must pay you. Most bookmakers will have quick deposit methods, but when they must pay you, it can take a little bit longer. I know some stories, that people have waited for 1 or even 2 months to get their money. This is not acceptable. Some bookmakers also try to slow you down with some extra uneccessay 'Know Your Customer" (KYC) things. I only play at bookmakers who pay me without any problems. — A Journey Into The World Of Successful Sports Betting

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