Hill Not Moving to Miami Quietly

This week the off-season NFL news comes to us out of Florida, with Dolphins and Bucs odds and betting updates.

Off-Season NFL news revolves around Tyreek Hill and the Dolphins

At the time the Kansas City Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins, very little was discussed about what happened behind the scenes. It seemed to be a straightforward transaction. Hill wanted more money than Kansas City was willing to pay, so the Dolphins obliged. Hill also makes his home in Florida, making it an opportunity to go back home.

All the sides said whatever you would have expected them to say. Hill was saying he loves Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid said they loved Hill, wished him well as he moved to his new team.

It was an amicable split, at least at first.

When agents become involved, especially an agent of Drew Rosenhaus’ reputation, and there is a new money-making venture to promote, it’s messy, though. That is where we are today.

Miami Dolphins Tyreek Hill Sean Payton newsSeveral teasers of the new Tyreek Hill podcast were released by Rosenhaus, intimating that Hill was unhappy with how he was used in Kansas City last season. He's now come out and said it, with no uncertainties.

"If teams are gonna give us favorable one-on-one matches against their best corner, I don't see why teams don't utilize their best receiver. And that's where probably like me and the Chiefs fell apart right there. When I'm like, yo, I don't mean to talk or be a diva in some situations, but can I see the pill some time, please? Just give me the ball, please?"

Hill was targeted a career-high 159 times last season, and he had a career-high reception total of 111. There was a career-high in dropped passes, and a number of those led to interceptions by Mahomes.

Regarding his contract negotiations with the Chiefs, Hill said:

"I tried my best. I talked to the big man, Andy Reid. I talked to the quarterback. I’m like, 'Look, can we make something happen? Can we make it happen? Can the guaranteed money make sense to me? Can it make sense to my family, please?'"

Mahomes indeed has obvious clout in the organization, but it's strange to go to the quarterback regarding your negotiations. It’s likely Rosenhaus, pumping his client and the new podcast, than Hill, who never during his time in Kansas City said he wasn’t happy.

Tyreek Hill is currently paying +4000 to win Offensive Player of the Year, according to NFL odds.

Dolphins Reportedly Had $100 Million for Sean Payton

In another story involving the Dolphins, it was big money and intrigue. It’s the story from the Miami Herald that says the Dolphins offered Sean Payton $100 million to coach for the next five years.

There had been rumors about a possible attempt to lure Tom Brady and, allegedly, the offer to Payton was part of that plan. Payton himself says that if he was going to coach in 2022, it would have been in New Orleans, not Miami. He didn't deny that the Dolphins reached out to him.

Brady didn't deny that he was contacted by the Dolphins, but didn't confirm it, either.

First-year Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel is paying +1600 at BetUS to win NFL Coach of the Year.

Bruce Arians Says He Retired Because of Brady’s Un-Retirement

Brady didn’t move to the Dolphins, nor did he stay retired from the NFL. Now, former Bucs' head coach Bruce Arians says that he wouldn’t haven’t stepped down had it not been for Brady’s decision to return.

Brady Bruce Arians Tampa Bay Buccaneers newsIt's not as nefarious as that sounds, as Arians clarified it wasn't a case of Brady forcing him out. So, without Brady, the quarterback situation in Tampa Bay was a huge question mark. Arians wasn’t going to turn that mess over to new head coach Todd Bowles. As Arians said, "I couldn’t give Todd that situation."

Arians says that he wanted to give Bowles the best possible situation to succeed, and a quarterback battle between Blaine Gabbert and Kyle Trask wasn't it. Brady under center made Arians comfortable about executing his plan of succession.

NFL Coach of the Year wagering has Bowles priced at +2500, as per NFL odds.


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