Monday Night Football Props -- Cowboys-Eagles: Making Some Bucks With Three Offensive Aces

How many passes will Dak Prescott complete? That's just one of the questions we tackle as we investigate which BetOnline props might afford you a little value on Monday night.

Potential Prop Bets for MNF

If you are a BetOnline customer, you already realize that whenever they play an NFL game, there are plenty of props you can play on that game. This adds to the excitement, obviously, but you don't want to go through all of this blindly.

Sometimes you can get some value in these props, and many of the answers are contained in working at all of this in a situational way. So for a few of these, we are going to give you whatever Insight we can.

Dak Prescott -- Pass Completions

Over 24.5 completions    -130
Under 24.5 completions +100

We would rather explore this prop then to talk about Prescott's passing yards, because it's his willingness to take what's available underneath has to play into it. If you recall the opening game against Tampa Bay, the Cowboys virtually abandoned their ground attack because they knew that the Buccaneers we're among the very best in the NFL at stopping the run. And did a lot of high-percentage passes.

Monday Night Football prop betting picksI'm not sure how much offensive coordinator Kellen Moore respects Philadelphia's defensive front, but the Eagles have done a pretty good job against opposing running backs, holding them to 3.8 yards per attempt. Prescott has completed 65 passes in two games, good for 76.5%. He has used his backs, like Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott, who have combined for eleven receptions. The Eagles may shut down, or at least try to shut down, what Prescott can do in terms of explosive plays.

With this all amounts to is more volume in terms of the attempts, which, as we look at it, means more in terms of completions. So we are going OVER on this prop.

Devonta Smith - Receiving Yards (Odds @ BetOnline)

Over 56.5 Yards   -120
Under 56.5 Yards -108

Smith was kind of a disappointment in the second week, as he had only two receptions for 16 yards against the 49ers. But he was Philadelphia's biggest producer in the opening romp over Atlanta, with six catches for 71 yards. The Eagles drafted him in the first round not because he was the Heisman Trophy winner, but because he was a guy who could not only be a deep threat, but could catch the ball and run with it. It is absolutely mandatory that they work him more into the offense. Look for that to start here, as we are not sure how much of an inclination Jalen Hurts has toward using his tight ends, the way that predecessor Carson Wentz did. OVER
Eagles MNF winning props
Quez Watkins - Receptions

Under 2.5 Receptions -149
Over 2.5 receptions   +114

Okay, here's your situation - you've got a guy, who could outrun just about everybody in the NFL, that you were able to hit him twice last week for 117 yards, including a 91-yard play. He ran 21.7 miles per hour on that play, and we're not kidding when we say that that what is the fastest anybody ran with a football in his hands through the first two weeks.

So the question is whether you're going to seek him out a little bit more. We just talked about Devonta Smith a second ago, so can you imagine if Watkins is developed as a big threat on his opposite side? This makes the Eagles a much more dynamic and dangerous team, and I think coach Nick Sirianni, the former offensive coordinator at Indianapolis, would be a fool if he didn't try to exploit the second-year man out of Southern Mississippi. OVER

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