Sportsbook Props -- How's this for a parlay - Herschel Walker and a Georgia repeat

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  • Tue, Dec 6th, 2022 1:46:33 pm
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

Herschel Walker may need a big play to win his U.S. Senate race, but the Georgia Bulldogs are looking good right now as the national championship favorites.

It's the two-minute warning. And Herschel Walker might be behind. Well behind.

GOP backers (and perhaps some BetOnline patrons) may have felt that the former Heisman Trophy winner could make up a lot of ground from the 2% or so that had gone to the Libertarian Party during the first round of Georgia's U.S. Senate race that resulted in the incumbent, Raphael Warnock, slightly ahead, but not possessing the 50% required to clinch the election.

But polls have indicated that Warnock has pulled ahead, and he's had plenty of support from the media, which has had sufficient ammunition to gang up on Walker, who had been propelled into this race largely on the strength of support from Donald Trump.

What has made things uncomfortable for Walker is that he has been caught, well, communicating some untruths, not the least of which was that he graduated high school as a valedictorian and then proceeded to graduate from the University of Georgia in the top 1% of his class.

Neither of those things was true.

And there's obviously much more. Stories of Walker, who has campaigned as a pro-life candidate, paying for abortions, and committing domestic assault against partners, have been unearthed and promoted by the Warnock campaign and most of the media, while skeletons in Warnock's closet has been rather under-reported anywhere but on right-leaning outlets such as Fox News and NewsMax.

As of yesterday, BetOnline posted this line on the runoff:

Raphael Warnock -2500
Herschel Walker +800

That would seem a little bloated. Or maybe not.

Walker, on the advice of GOP advisors, has not brought Trump to Georgia during the runoff campaign. The former president got "cold" as an influential entity; he nonetheless declared himself to be a candidate for the 2024 election, and his PAC, which had contributed to Walker's campaign, sat out the runoff.

On an overall basis, Walker has been outspent more than 2-to-1 by Warnock during the runoff period.

So in effect, Republicans with money kind of bailed on him, while Democrats stepped up their game. maybe there was less enthusiasm after the expected "Red Wave" did not happen. At this moment, even a Walker victory would still leave the GOP in the minority (the VP vote being a tie-breaker).

FiveThirtyEight, the website run by Nate Silver, who built a reputation as an elections prognosticator, had Warnock ahead by 1.9%, based on a consensus of major polls that have been taken. And they mention that in all the polls in their survey, this thing is within the margin of error.

There is also the school of thought that because Gov. Brian Kemp is not on the ballot for re-election, as he was in November, that might prevent some voters who lean to the GOP from turning out.

Walker, who played for Trump's New Jersey Generals in the USFL, may have been groomed a bit by The Donald, but in the political arena he is not the street fighter type. Thus, it's much more difficult for him to deflect all of the bullets the media (especially on the national level) has been shooting at him.

Not only have questions been raised about his honesty, there have also been attacks on his ability to perform the duties of office from an intellectual standpoint. Leftists have opined that Walker is doing a disservice to African-Americans because he is being propped up and used by the GOP.

BetOnline has been offering an interesting proposition to its customers. It involves Walker and his alma mater.

As you're probably aware, the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs are among the four teams that are competing for the NCAA football championship. And for them, it would be a repeat. Currently they are priced at -120 to be the last team standing after January 10.

But combining the two events in a parlay in the sportsbook props, the price is +1400 that both Walker and the Bulldogs will eventually emerge victorious.

If you think that Walker is capable of a "Hail Mary" and pulling off a surprise to compare with Trump's 2016 presidential win, it might be something worth looking into.

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