Wager smartly while being caught up in the NFL Draft

While starved for serious betting action, it would be wise to eat sensibly and be careful of overindulging during the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft betting could see an all-time high

I hear you out there. I feel your wagering hunger. But be careful my friends, as the NFL Draft extravaganza is a very tempting three days to overindulge. Especially, coming at such a vulnerable time where we all have eaten a good meal for so long.

I am not trying to be a party-pooper in saying we all should not participate in some solid wagering opportunities. However, bettor beware. The NFL Draft is a human related judgmental exercise, not a sport.  The big difference is we have no real history to gauge with no pure athletic achievement involved.  It is not much different than eSports. And even there, you might make a case of some historical record for the gamers.

NFL Draft bettingStill, that won't stop a nation of sports and NFL fanatics from enjoying the only football action they may see for quite some time. With still no confirmation of a 2020 NFL season, the draft may be our sole taste of the gridiron this year. And with that comes many "told you so" guys who claim to be draft experts. Those reading every column possible, listening to every podcast and radio show they could on the subject. 

In theory, betting on the draft is akin to roulette with NCAA college football players substituted for the numbers. Many of the top, preferred wagering sites have it set up that way in offering exact picks like exact wheel numbers. Whether certain players will go higher or lower than expected, how many receivers will draft in the first round, etc. Almost every hypothetical wager you could imagine is covered. I am not so sure if you called up your sportsbook with a request, they might establish an NFL Draft line just for you.

April Insanity

Why this is all happening this specific year is obvious. All major sportsbooks missed out on their most fertile time of the wagering calendar in March and April. Losing the NCAA Basketball Tournament, at least two months of NBA basketball, NHL hockey, the Masters and now the beginning of the Major League Baseball season will be impossible to overcome in the 2020 ledger. This is their best opportunity to gain some traction until the big green light goes on again. 

Major sportsbooks like BetOnline have devoted front page attention to Russian ping pong. Others, including MyBookie, have turned to simulated UFC women's wrestling to pick up a bit of slack. The Coronavirus pandemic has provided an incredible adrenaline rush for eSports. But all combined will never come close to the giant whole created missing our traditional U.S. sports calendar in the Spring. Wagering-wise, the NFL Draft is a mini-NCAA Tournament. Apropos to call it 'April Insanity' if bettors choose to invest similar funds with similar confidence.

Another April headache going forward into May and June is worry within the sportsbooks themselves involving future bets. They include Total Over/Unders for teams, MVP awards, champions, etc. With no definitive completion for the season announced for the NFL and NHL especially, books face a dilemma of potential refunds. Also, an unfortunate scenario for some bettors, depending on their current status of their future wagers.

My Top NFL Draft Selections

sports betting on the NFL draftOk, now that I have warned you, I want you to thoroughly enjoy yourself Thursday through Saturday feasting on dozens of LIVE legit opportunities to wager and make money. Here a few truly creative bets available through top sportsbook BetOnline. And yes, these are 100% real, I am not making them up. Even willing to highlight my prediction:

Who will overall #1 selection hug first when drafted?

Mom +100
Dad +250
Girlfriend +300
Friend +700
Sibling +700

First choice, otherwise known as Joe Burrow, will hug Mom first, setting the tone of how you should wager most all these props. Bet the FAVORITE. Like the Oscars, these events or award shows are set-up to wager upon favorites. Occasionally a second, maybe third wagering option scores, but almost never a longshot.

Speaking of Joe, the odds of him being the top choice are now up to -10000 at some books. You could get better odds of me watching the draft Thursday night with Charlize Theron. Joe might as well be in Cincinnati this week looking for a place to live.

How many draftees will have glasses on?

Under 10.5 -170
Over 10.5 +130

No prediction here…other than if you wager upon this prop you seriously need glasses to look for a life.

ESPN mentions that Jake Fromm played in the Little League World Series

Yes -140
No +100

Recommend Yes here for a few legit reasons. Gives a bettor reason to watch on Friday night, which is where Fromm, the QB from Georgia figures to be drafted in the second or third round. And what else clever and interesting would ESPN have to talk about when running his highlights when drafted. I think -140 is a particularly good value.

Pepto Bismol Preparation

As noted, all preferred sportsbooks, including Bovada, 5Dimes, BetOnline and BookMaker, have an overwhelming menu of tempting draft wagering options. They focus on your favorite teams, specific projected draft selections, defensive vs. offensive selection choices and much, much more. The amount of wagering choices almost rivals the Super Bowl. The only difference is this event last three days!! Then again, there will not be anybody running with, passing or catching a football. 

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