Week 1 NFL Survivor Picks

Every week we will be posting our selections for the Jazz Sports NFL Survivor contest, until we bust out and you cash-in.

Week 1 Pick in the Jazz Survivor Contest

The NFL season is finally here, and it's time to start strategizing for our Survivor Pool picks in the contest at Jazz Sports. Jazz Sports is running several contests where players take a shot at beating OSGA. I'm here to provide you with my top picks in the Jazz Sports Survivor Challenge for Week 1. In addition to documenting the picks, whether you're a seasoned bettor or just starting out, these picks will give you the best chance of surviving and thriving in your Survivor pool or to play against and beat OSGA at Jazz Sports.

Baltimore Ravens: A Safe and Obvious Choice

The Baltimore Ravens are my top pick for Week 1 in the Jazz Survivor contest. With an impressive 84.0% win probability according to numberFire's projections, the Ravens are on of the teams with the best chance to win this week. They are facing the Houston Texans, who are starting rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud. Ravens Survivor Pick Week 1 NFLThis puts the Texans at a significant disadvantage against the Ravens' formidable defense.

Not only are the Ravens the most likely winners in Week 1, but they also have a strong track record of starting the season off on a high note. Coach John Harbaugh has a history of leading his team to early victories, and this year should be no different. Taking advantage of the Ravens' healthy squad, including star quarterback Lamar Jackson, is a smart move for us to nearly insure a victory in the critical Week 1 survivor pick. The Ravens are 10 point favorites at sportsbooks around the world. A moneyline bet on Baltimore will cost you -450 at Jazz Sports.

Backup Pick

We always wait until the day of the game to make straight-up (or moneyline) selections, because teams can have late injuries, scandals or weather could take a turn for the worst. So it's always a good idea to have a backup plan. In case something happens to the Ravens (or Lamar Jackson), we are going to look at the Washington Commanders as our backup.

Washington Commanders survivor pickThe Commanders are a bit of a risky pick, but another strategy playing in Survivor pools is to save some of the better teams for later in the contest. And they are playing the Arizona Cardinals, projected to be one of the worst teams in the NFL. Led by quarterback Sam Howell, the Commanders have the potential to surprise opponents this year and on paper certainly look better than the Cardinals, despite going on the road in this contest. 

Get in on the contests

This year, player-favorite sportsbook, Jazz Sports is running a promotion where you can beat OSGA. They offered four contests and players have already beaten us at Tennis and cashed-in. Currently they have their Survivor Contest and an NCAA Pick 'Em contest. We'll be posting our picks for Survivor here every week until we bust out and lucky Jazz Players who participate will cash in. The Pick 'Em pool starts with Week 2. Players can get a $25 free play just for outlasting us in the Survivor Pool and finishing ahead of us on the Pick 'Em leaderboard. Head to Jazz Sports now and get in the free shot at OSGA.

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