Week 3 NFL Survivor Picks

An inside look at our Week 3 picks for the Jazz Sports NFL Survivor contest.

Week 3 Pick in the Jazz Survivor Contest

It's Week 3 of the NFL season, and that means it's time to make our survivor pool picks. With so many huge favorites this week, it can be challenging to decide which teams to choose. But don't worry, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll break down the top picks for Week 3 and give you the inside scoop on why these teams are the best choices for our shot to  come out on top of the Jazz Sports Survivor Pool

The Top Contenders

Kansas City Chiefs (-13) vs. Chicago Bears

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the clear favorites in Week 3. They are facing the struggling Chicago Bears at home, and the odds are heavily in their favor. The Chiefs are coming off their first win of the season and are looking to build momentum against the Bears. This matchup presents an opportunity for them to regain their form. Chiefs NFL survivor pick week 3With dynamic quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the return of tight end Travis Kelce and sack specialist Chris Jones, the Chiefs are expected to dominate this game. The Bears, on the other hand, have been struggling on offense, and their rookie quarterback Justin Fields has been awful so far  in 2023. Bears fans, bettors and oddsmakers have stopped drinking the Kool-Aid and have finally realized Justin Fields is not good, part of the reason this pointspread is so huge. This matchup is the perfect opportunity for the Chiefs to showcase their offensive firepower and secure an easy win. 

Mahomes and the Chiefs will not lose this game. But many players will want to consider saving the defending Super Bowl champs and use them down the road.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-8.5) vs. Houston Texans

Our slightly riskier pick comes with a higher potential reward. The Jacksonville Jaguars are facing the Houston Texans at home, and while divisional games can be unpredictable, the Jaguars clearly have the upper hand in this matchup. Jacksonville has the perfect chance to rebound from their tough 17-9 loss to the Chiefs. Jaguars Week 3 NFL survivor PickJacksonville may not be at the level of the Chiefs, Eagles and Niners yet, but they will beat up on the bad teams this year, especially those in their division. The Texans are that bad team, struggling on both offense and defense, and their run game has been particularly ineffective. With the Jaguars having a solid defense and an offense that is capable of putting up points, this is a favorable matchup for them. While there is some risk involved, the potential payoff makes this pick enticing.

Making the Decision

Ultimately, the decision between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville comes down to personal preference and individual strategy. I think the Chiefs are the safer pick after their Week 2 performance and the Bears two terrible games so far. The Jags have the motivation to bounce back with a division win after a tough loss to K.C., but they are no 'lock'. It's essential to consider your own risk tolerance and assess the potential rewards of each pick.

Recap of Top Survivor Picks for Week 3

Here's a recap of the top survivor pool picks for Week 3 Survivor Pool at Jazz Sports:

Kansas City Chiefs (-13) vs. Chicago Bears
Jacksonville Jaguars (-8.5) vs. Houston Texans

Get in on the contests

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