Angles for Betting the Last Third of the NFL Season

It's time to identify the average teams that still have value . . . as 'play against' wagers.

It’s Time to Meet Our Money Teams

We’re entering the last third of the regular season and have some new trivia to share with you. What do the Colts, Steelers, Bears, Lions, Raiders, Browns, Jaguars, Chargers, Packers, Saints, Falcons, Panthers, Seahawks, Broncos, Texans and Rams all have in common? They are, at best, average teams, looking ahead at the draft, free agency, retirement, injury, and so forth. These remaining weeks will continue to expose all 16 of these teams as being neither terrible, nor great. Let's look at their 2022-23 season records.

On the low end are the Texans at 1-9-1.
The Rams and Broncos are 3-8.
The Bears are 3-9.
The Colts are 4-7-1.
The Steelers are 4-7. So are the Lions, Raiders, Browns and Jaguars.
The Packers, Saints, Cardinals and Panthers are all floundering at 4-8.
The Falcons are choking at 5-7.
Finally, the Seahawks and Chargers, at 6-5, are merely showing up each week with question marks.

NFL Betting anglesBy Week 13, we and the entire public know who the good teams are. However, those same teams we love and bet on play against these 16 teams who, for one reason or another, are not consistent winners. The above records tell us that any of these 16 teams can be used to our advantage when we’re making a wager. Remember, betting against a team can bring you a W at the sportsbook.

In addition, here are the ATS records for these teams. It is easy to see that most of these teams are not performing well on the field or against the oddsmakers' point spreads. But, looking at the Chargers, Falcons and Lions, there may be some value for bettors. 

 TEAM  ATS Record
 Houston Texans  4-6-1
 LA Rams  3-7-1
 Denver Broncos  3-8
 Chicago Bears  4-7-1
 Indianapolis Colts  5-7
 Pittsburgh Steelers  5-5-1
 Detroit Lions  7-4
 Las Vegas Raiders  5-6
 Cleveland Browns  5-6
 Jacksonville Jaguars  4-8
 Green Bay Packers  4-6-1
 New Orleans Saints  4-8
 Arizona Cardinals  6-6
 Carolina Panthers  6-6
 Atlanta Falcons  7-5
 Seattle Seahawks  6-5
 LA Chargers  7-4

This week the reeling Broncos are getting 8.5 at Baltimore. The Colts area getting a whopping 10.5 at Dallas and many of these not-so-good teams are playing each other. One interesting game is the Chargers at the Vegas Raiders, where LA is a slight favorite. Atlanta is hosting Pittsburgh as a home dog and there is some value on the Falcons. I'm also interested in the Packers, where a fuming Aaron Rogers is looking to take out his frustration on someone. Could it be the Bears? 

Howard Schwartz has been providing betting insights for over a decade on Facebook. Check out his social media group and website for more betting tips and NFL wagering advice.

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