For Bookies, Horses Equal Money

PPH services offer horse racing for bookmakers, a key to making money as a bookie.

Betting on the ponies has been an American institution for decades. Long before gambling on sports or table games existed, there was horse racing. Long before gambling was legal in Nevada and Atlantic City, betting on horses was legal across the United States.

Bookies can earn a small fortune in gaming, but must be in the right place at the right time and offer what gamblers want. They want now, and they want a great racebook that offers the best tracks and a huge wagering menu.

The best PPH providers are charging between $7-$12 per head, per week for their services and bookmakers do nothing other than installing the app on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

One of the dumbest and most bizarre laws in the United States was a ban on any kind of gambling except for that of horse racing. This made no sense on any level and it makes no sense today. This still goes on today. Many states offer off-track betting, but not any other type of gaming for profit or loss.

Horse bettors are the most loyal, faithful, and longsuffering clients that bookmakers will ever have. Bookies need them, want them, and must have them if they are going to pull down a consistent profit. They started Las Vegas and they just might end that town.

All one needs to do is take a stroll through any mega-resort on the strip, find the sportsbook, and look at the racebook section. It's usually not that crowded, but it's usually the nicest part of the entire book and will often have leather seats that are only available with a reservation.

The expensive liquor flows, the "Cubanos" fill the air with smoke, and money is flying everywhere. These guys have come to play and they bring it daily.

Vegas may not be built on horse racing nowadays, however, there is no question the sport was once the financial backbone of the city and the entire state. People love to bet on horses and if you offer them a great venue, they will spend a lot of money with you, and often.

horse racing PPH providersThe best PPH providers on the internet are now offering fantastic race book’s that feature more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the globe. They pay track odds, in real-time. Better yet, they do all of the wagering math. Everything is automatic, the bookmaker does nothing other than sitting back and rake it in.

In these challenging times, bookies must do everything they can to keep clients. They have a lot of options other than you. You are not online, what can you possibly offer them other than a few sporting events with limited wagering options?

With a PPH a bookie gets all of the same options that can be found on the "mega-sites". Bookies get the same great gaming website, and it comes for free. Bookmakers will not pay a dime for a custom-built website that includes a fantastic sportsbook, a Las Vegas-style casino, and an amazing racebook.

Players want to play all day, every day… you want to give them this option, but you can’t possibly do it, as you are just one person. The PPH offers 24/7 gaming that is set on a sleek user interface that makes betting a smooth and easy process.

The PPH has come along at the right place in time. Local bookies now have options that allow them an online presence for their sportsbook, casino, and racebook. If you are a local bookie or someone that has a few clients and looking for more, but not sure what to do with them once you do get them, then the PPH is for you. The PPH offers everything that’s needed to operate a successful bookmaking operation. Not only do they offer you the best software to operate your gaming genera, but they also offer you daily tools that make the operation easy, smooth, and one that will earn you big profits. Turn this year on its ear and start earning what you are worth. You will love it; your clients will love it more.

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