NFL Betting -- Colts-Texans: Who'll Bounce Back Better?

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  • Sun, Oct 17th, 2021 10:58:36 am
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

The Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans will both try to rebound from come-from-ahead losses as they tangle at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Houston Texans are a team that has been surrounded by a little confusion right from the outset of the season. They have earmarked a rebuilding campaign, and at the same time have had to deal with the questionable status of their quarterback, DeShaun Watson, who is facing the possibility of a lot of criminal charges for sexual assault.

So they move forward with a rookie quarterback who is very green, but ironically not the same set of problems that the Jacksonville Jaguars are experiencing with their own rookie quarterback and rookie coach.

On Sunday the Texans will visit the Indianapolis Colts in a game that will begin at 1 p.m. Eastern time at Lucas Oil Stadium. BetOnline customers will have the opportunity to play a lot of props on this, and then of course there is "Live Betting” to turn to, which keeps you in the action all day long.

Texans Colts free pickDavis Mills is one of those players who was known as a QB "project” as he did not have many starts at Stanford. But he was a high-profile recruit, and so it is known that he has some talent that can be harnessed. He got up to an extremely slow start in the NFL, having to play because Tyrod Taylor got injured. But last week against New England he threw for over 300 yards with three touchdowns. Unfortunately the defense couldn't hold up its end of the bargain when it counted, and the Patriots rallied from 13 points down to win in the fourth quarter.

So can Mills continue progressing or was that more or less a one-off situation?

Is the NFL betting odds that have been posted on this game by the folks at BetOnline, the Colts are a double-digit favorite:

Indianapolis Colts - 10 ( -115)
Houston Texans   + 10 (-105)

Over 43 points -115
Under 43 points - 105

Houston is not the only team coming off the disappointment of blowing a lead. The Colts had a 19-point advantage against Baltimore and still managed to lose. They allowed a monster game of the part of Lamar Jackson, who threw for 442 yards. We are obviously not expecting Davis Mills to do the same thing, but this nonetheless does expose some of the problems Indianapolis has had on defense the season, as they have allowed more touchdowns through the air then any other squad in the NFL.

Unlike the situation with Jacksonville, where Urban Meyer maybe a lame-duck coach, the Texans have played hard for David Culley, a veteran assistant who came in to manage a very difficult situation. There are some interesting working parts on the Houston team, including people like Mark Ingram and David Johnson in the backfield. But the Colts have actually shown some strength against opposition ground attacks, allowing only one rushing touchdown.

Colts NFL betting predictionAnd Indianapolis is quite clearly the better fundamental team on offense. Yes, there are problems to work out on the interior line, where do they have suffered a number of injury problems, but Carson Wentz is demonstrating that he can work Frank Reich's system with similar efficiency to what he showed in Philadelphia. Well, almost. He's been a 65% passer with only one interception. And he's had to play through two sprained ankles.

As much as we would like to give the Texans credit, we have to chalk their impressive effort last week up to New England facing a let-down situation after the big game with Tom Brady and Tampa Bay, at least to a certain extent. No, we cannot sit here and tell you that the Colts are explosive offensively, but they have more consistent quarterbacking and should be able to muster something in the run game. You really want to bet on Mills coming up with another big effort?

We'll lay the points with Indianapolis in this one.

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