New Rules to Watch along with MLB Season Wins and 2023 World Series Odds

FairwayJay chips-in MLB odds updates for 2023 Season Wins, World Series along with rules changes to watch and sportsbook comments.

There are new MLB rules that will affect betting

The 2023 Major League Baseball season has arrived, and it's 'Batter Up' for baseball season and MLB betting. The new rules changes will be ones to watch as the leading online sportsbooks adjust their odds and totals quickly through the opening weeks as certain trends and scoring dictates adjustments. I'll update more along the way, but you can read more about the new rules and what to expect as the 2023 season begins. We'll reference back to this article along the way for the season win totals and World Series odds provided, as those will continue to change throughout the season along with individual player awards. 

MLB rule changes future oddsWith so many baseball games daily offering multiple ways to watch and wager on the games, finding the right sportsbook is important along with sportsbooks that offer a dime line. We'll chip-in some betting tips along the way, but you'll be wise to monitor the new rules and changing odds while trying to stay one step, and strike, ahead of the game.

I talked to a sports trader at a leading online sportsbook (BETMGM) this week, and have added some of their comments to the new rules. 

The Pitch Clock

The rule:
Pitchers will have just 15 seconds between pitches, and 20 seconds when there are runners on base. Batters must be “in the box and alert to the pitcher” by the eight-second mark.

MLB pitch clock betting tipsDuring 2023 spring training, games averaged 2 hours and 35 minutes. That is a 26 minute reduction in game time from 2022’s spring training played without the pitch clock. Also, average runs per game this spring was 10.2, and down just slightly from 2022 spring training (10.4).

Pickoff moves are now limited as well, with pitchers allowed two moves off the rubber and/or pick-off attempt per plate appearance without penalty. 

BetMGM: "We anticipate bettors wagering on more higher scoring games early in the season. I believe the new pitch clock will help the pitchers, and they'll be in more control. I may be in the minority, but I don't think totals will have as much impact. We'll monitor it all along with the baseball itself (dead ball?), and adjust while also taking notes from our sharpest bettors." 

Banning the Shift

The Rule: When a pitch is thrown, defensive teams must have a minimum of four players on the infield, with at least two infielders completely on each side of second base.

A ban on the shift means more balls in play, which means more action and more runs. This change is designed to "increase the batting average on balls in play, to allow infielders to better showcase their athleticism and to restore more traditional outcomes on batted balls," according to the league.

BetMGM: "The shift ban will help the offense in theory with more batted balls in play. During the testing in the minor leagues, there was a very slight uptick in hits, so we'll see how it plays out. More runners on base will add to other elements of scoring production with stolen bases having the biggest impact." 

Bigger Bases

The Rule: The three bases will increase from 15 inches square to 18 inches square. Home plate will remain the same size.

MLB betting tips bigger bases totalsThere is 4.5 inches more space from edge to edge, and the league is encouraging more base running and base stealing while also looking to reduce injuries and protect players from additional injuries. Major League Baseball said that the larger bases reduced "base-related" injuries by 13.5% in the minors.

BetMGM: "Stolen bases are undoubtedly going to increase along with attempts. We're likely to see a base-stealing renaissance with a limit on pick-off attempts and the balk rule combined with pitchers focus on the hitters with less time between pitches. I expect bettors will be taking a shot on more base stealing props and anticipating more scoring."

In 2012, the MLB recorded 3,229 steals on 4,365 attempts. In 2022, that was down to 2,486 steals on 3,297.

Season Wins and World Series Odds

Here are the American League and National League teams season win totals and odds to win the World Series as the 2023 season begins. 

According to BetMGM, teams with the most movement in their season win totals are: Pirates (2 games up), Blue Jays (2 games down). Angles (1.5 games up), Yankees (1.5 games down), Mets (1 game down). The division odds will adjust daily throughout the season, and Pennant and World Series odds will update through the season weekly.  

Odds courtesy of BetOnline and  

National League

Team - Division Season Wins World Series Odds
Arizona Diamondbacks (West) 76 +12500
Atlanta Braves (East) 95.5 +700
Chicago Cubs (Central) 77.5 +8000
Cincinnati Reds (Central) 65.5 +25000
Colorado Rockies (West) 64.4 +20000
Los Angeles Dodgers (West) 95.5 +800
Miami Marlins (East) 75.5 +12500
Milwaukee Brewers (Central) 85.5 +5000
New York Mets (East) 93.5 +850
Philadelphia Phillies (East) 88.5 +1800
Pittsburgh Pirates (Central) 67.5 +20000
San Diego Padres (West) 93.5 +800
San Francisco Giants (West) 81.5 +6600
St. Louis Cardinals (Central) 88.5 +1800
Washington Nationals (East) 59.5 +50000

American League

Team - Division Season Wins World Series Odds
Baltimore Orioles 77 +10000
Boston Red Sox 78.5 +5000
Chicago White Sox 82.5 +3300
Cleveland Guardians 87 +2500
Detroit Tigers 69.5 +30000
Houston Astros 95.5 +600
Kansas City Royals 68.5 +15000
Los Angels Angels 83 +4000
Minnesota Twins 84 +4000
New York Yankees 93.5 +750
Oakland A's 59.5 +50000
Seattle Mariners 87.5 +1800
Tampa Bay Rays 89 +2000
Texas Rangers 81.5 +5000
Toronto Blue Jays 91.5 +1100

If you like 'over' bets, then take a swing and cash-in a bonus bet on the LA Angeles and Minnesota Twins over their season win totals. The Twins are a stronger bet to win the division, and both teams are a small plus price to make the playoffs.

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