Perhaps a New NFL Record? Two Games with 21+ Spreads in Week Three

There are huge point spreads for the awful Dolphins and crippled Jets, but there's still plenty of wagering incentive to tune-in.

It's just a matter of time till the Dolphins and Jets games are for wagering purposes only!

I’m not bragging about warning the world about the Miami Dolphins plight BEFORE the NFL season started.  As per the article I wrote, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell still hasn't taken the Fins disaster seriously toward potentially changing the NFL draft rules.

The New York Jets have less of an excuse while focusing on their current quarterback problems. I do acknowledge everything goes through the signal-caller these days, but the Jets still do have a wealth of reasonable talent. Thus far they haven't chosen to trade off and sacrifice their roster as the Dolphins have. 

However, both teams find themselves in the same point spread quandary this Sunday as more than three touchdown underdogs. Beyond rare this could even happen to one NFL team, but TWO in the same week, incredible. And to occur in mid-September, in only the third week of the NFL schedule?  Well, likely an NFL record the commissioner, nor the league office would admit. 

According to unofficial data, this is the first week since at least 1993 where two teams are favored by 17 points or more during the same week. ESPN Stats & Info cited Week 5 of the 1987 season, a strike-shortened year, as the last time we had two 20-plus-point favorites in the same week. Be aware, since 1993, only seven NFL games have closed with a point spread of 20 points or higher and those teams are 7-0 straight up, but just 1-6 against the spread.

Two Competitive Wagering Games

Unless Joe Willie Namath is planning to show up again in his prime this Sunday playing quarterback for the Jets, their game against the New England Patriots has already been decided. Promising starter Sam Darnold is recovering from mono and mediocre back-up Trevor Siemian has been announced out for the season. That leaves third-stringer Luke Falk to face a very improved Patriots defense, plus Tom Brady and his new arsenal of starting receivers. Should Falk go down, somebody named David Fales will get the football at QB. 

Jets Patriots point spreadNot forgotten by those who compile point spreads is New England's 2-0 start vs. the Roethlisberger-led Pittsburgh Steelers and crippled Dolphins at a combined 76-3 score. Whether ignoring the Antonio Brown circus or not, it hasn’t intimidated most top offshore sportsbooks from listing the Pats as -22.5-point favorites. A few major books including Bovada and BetOnline have taken a more cautious approach at this juncture, keeping both the Jets and Dolphins games off the board. A signal fearing unbalanced action against them. 

Equally challenging for oddsmakers will be what to do with the Dolphins week to week should they continue their embarrassing play toward securing the first choice in the 2020 draft. Promising first-rounder Minkah Fitzgerald was granted his wish last week joining WR Kenny Stills, DE Laremy Tunsil and LB Kiko Alonso off "the Titanic" before it hits the iceberg. 

The message won't be lost on other Dolphins players sacrificing their careers (and bodies) during the upcoming weeks. Just how new head coach Brian Flores will find a way to motivate these players is perplexing. This is the like the 1962 Mets all over again with one big difference. Nobody was focusing on point spreads and over-under totals back then.

Cowboys Dolphins point spreadThis Sunday the horrific Dolphins face continued bad timing meeting the impressive 2-0 Dallas Cowboys in Dallas. The Boys thus far have combined for a 66-38 mark, with back to back wins over division rivals, the New York Giants and Washington Redskins. The predictable public traditionally loves to wager on the Cowboys and should likely pour money on the line toward kickoff time. No confirmed account on this data, but has any NFL team been outscored 102-10 in their first two weeks? Ugh. It won't inspire confidence, but don't turn your backs on options wagering the Dolphins just yet.

Teasing Can Be Pleasing

With the myriad of popular new wagering options available at the top offshore sportsbooks, including quarter or half betting, player props plus rising star in-play wagering, it's easy to forget a reliable old friend.  Teaser wagering.

Available in 6, 6.5- and 7-point extensions, these plays are often useful for smart bettors in NFL games where a high percentage fall close to the spread number. Teasers can be most effective for these rare 21+ point line opportunities, carefully deciding on either the favorite or underdog. In these cases, focusing upon the Jets or Dolphins getting up to 30 points in historical games with 6-1 against the spread numbers seems mighty enticing.  Conversely, selecting the Patriots or Cowboys to hedge against a potential "back-door cover" or simply giving too many points is reasonable insurance. Check the rules at each individual sportsbook for their specific teaser payoffs.

NFL Hypocrisy

Only two short years ago the NFL sent their best paid attorneys to Washington DC in their continued fight to lobby against sports wagering. They failed and have now stayed silent while regrouping to find the most profitable ways to become involved since PASPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) was overturned in May 2018. 

No official statement has yet come from the league endorsing sports wagering nor many huge co-op endorsement contracts . . . YET.  Presenting this Sunday's Patriots-Jets and Cowboys-Dolphins games can count as obvious evidence. Beyond traditional fans of hometown teams, how many casual fans would be tuning in to games on FOX or CBS? It's the excitement of covering spreads, totals and various other prospective GAMBLING options that will capture high ratings in various markets. 

Perhaps they should change the legal qualifier before broadcasting this week’s Dolphins or Jets game?

"This game is brought to you by the NFL. Rights remain sole property and possession of the National Football League. This game is presented for Gambling and Wagering Purposes only. Any fan who is watching for any other reason or motivation expecting a straight Miami Dolphins or New York Jets win will be prohibited."

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