Free MLB Totals Play for the Oakland vs Texas game on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday card has the NHL 31-1 Round Playoff the Year, an Exclusive Executive level NBA TIER 1 Move and the ESPN MLB Game of the Month. MLB Comp pay below

The MLB Totals Play is on the under in the Oakland vs Texas game at 3:05 eastern. This game applies to a perfect system that plays under for road favorites off a road favored win by 2 or more runs with a total that 10 or more if they scored 5 or more runs and had 0 errors vs a team off a home dog loss that scored 2 or less on 5+ hits 1 or no errors and hit 10 or less ground balls in that loss. Texas has gone under in 10 of 14 vs Division teams and 9 of 12 off a loss. Oakland has gone under in 7 of 9 vs division teams. Look for this one to stay under. On Sunday another powerful card is up and led by an exclusive NBA TIER 1 Play, the MLB ESPN Game of the Month and the 31-1 Round 1 NHL Playoff Game of the Year. Jump on at

For the MLB Free pick. Play Under Oakland and Texas.
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