The Betting Scene: Don't Wait Until After Super Bowl to Withdraw

Players who wait until after the Super Bowl can end up waiting for a payout.

Reduce your online sports betting account balance in the next two weeks!

It is widely known that in the world of sports betting, football is king! Certainly, college football provides huge betting handle for sportsbooks, but it is really the NFL that drives bets and profits for gambling houses that cater to U.S. players.

Super Bowl Sports Book payoutsAccording to our sources, more than half of their active bettors only bet on football. And so, sportsbooks online typically lose much of their clientele after the Super Bowl, leading to a withdrawal rush after the Big Game. 

Since many international books have gone to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a payout method, most places can pay out rather quickly. But, the pandemic changed much of how some of the top online sportsbooks operate, with many employees working from home and limited, if any, customer service via phone, times are not as quick at many of the big houses as in previous years. Typical wait time for a payout via BTC ranges from 24 hours to a day or so. In the wake of the largest NFL betting event of the year, players should not expect payouts to arrive in time-frames they are used to. Expect to add 24 to 72 hours to any payout requests.

Post Super Bowl Payout Advice

If players have more than their average weekend wagering budget in their accounts, the next two weeks are the time to pull some dough out. Why wait in line with half of the players online to get paid, when these next two weeks are ripe to get money out? Sportsbooks will take in funds from new players and depositors who want to wager on SBLVIII, so they will be flush with cash. It is the perfect time for players to withdraw some of their bankroll, rather than wait in line after Feb 11th!

payouts from US sportsbooksMany of the sportsbooks we speak with on a regular basis downplay the rush for payouts after the football season ends. But, they have also acknowledged that in time of mainly remote staffing situations, delays are bound to occur.

"We strive to get players paid quickly, but with thousands of payouts requested over just a few days, and a limited amount of processing services, we expect our payout times to be about twice as long, post-Superbowl," one operator, who obviously wants to remain anonymous, told us.

And the same will most likely hold true for still-fledgling sports betting industry in the U.S. Many sportsbooks have only been open a short while and sportsbooks in places like Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and Tennessee have never been through a Super Bowl betting Sunday, let alone the payout rush after.

The reality is there are three NFL games left. Though these games may mean more, and are often ultra-competitive and wildly exciting, the two league championships and Super Bowl are played on the same field, with the same rules and game clock as the previous 18 weeks. And, because of the  magnitude of the games, players often place more wagers and bet more money than a game in Week 10. But, truth be told, the lines and public action makes it nearly impossible to find any value betting these particular games. Withdrawing some funds, whether that is before the NFC and AFC Championship or waiting till after the weekend, can keep that money in your pocket, instead of extra end-of-season, bank-account-draining, wagers.

We urge players who have large bankrolls to whittle down the amount in their accounts. Certainly, players should leave enough money to wager on sides and totals, plus props (no coin toss please!), for this weekend and Super Bowl Sunday, but for bettors who only wager on NFL football, grab some dough out early. 

And for those who want to wager on March Madness, most online sportsbooks will offer a bonus for the largest betting event in basketball.

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