The Freebuy Super Series Returns

The Freebuy Super Series has six tourneys a day with $250,000 in guaranteed prizes and zero entry fees!

Freerolls and buy-in poker tournaments combined

World Poker Networks poker rooms are offering the $250,000 Freebuy Super Series. Players are able to win real cash without risking a cent!! This 19-day tournament series features six daily events, all of which are free to enter. With 114 free events featuring real cash prizes, it's easy to play and win!

The reason this tournament is called "FreeBuy" is because there are optional real money rebuys and add-ons!

Head to America's Card Room to get started today. The tournaments run six times a day from October 16th to November 3rd.

Freebuy Super Series highlights

 - 114 events with $250,000 in total guarantees
 - $20,000 Main Event on November 3rd
 - Rebuys and add-on for real money
 - Earn free rebuys by completing social media tasks 

The Freebuy Super Series offers up $250,000 in prize pool guarantees! There will be six tourneys per day from October 16th to November 3rd (114 total), and the final day will include a $20,000 Main Event.

Start with a free 1,000 chip stack

Every player who registers for a Freebuy tourney will get a free 1,000 chip stack. Players can then fight it out with those chips or choose to rebuy 2,500 chips or add-on 10,000 chips for varying real money amounts. There are 114 tourneys with prizes guaranteed form a couple of hundred bucks to $8,000, and the final day will include a $20,000 Main Event!

This new type of tournament was developed a few years back by America's Card Room and allows players to enter at no cost and compete for real money. Since it combines freerolls and buy-in poker tournaments, it's called a Freebuy!

Get started with the Freebuy Super Series  today at America's Card Room!

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