Trump-Biden 2024 Presidential Debate Odds and Props

FairwayJay chips-in Biden-Trump odds and props for the first Presidential debate ahead of 2024 election.

Unlike previous debates, there will be no studio audience 

It's time to get the gloves on and be ready for low blows. Lets Get Ready To Rumble Thursday, June 27 when Donald Trump and U.S. President Joe Biden take the debate stage together for the first time in four years. What's at stake for Biden and Trump in their first 2024 presidential debate? Storylines and campaign themes should provide plenty of controversy leading up to a tight presidential rematch in November. Betting is expected to be brisk throughout the debates and ahead of the Nov. 5 election, and leading online sportsbooks are ramping up their betting menu and prop bets throughout the presidential election race. 

joe biden 2024 Presidential debate oddsThere are plenty of benefits to wagering offshore, and watching and wagering on the presidential election and debates is one of them. 

Currently, the winning party odds to win the Nov. 5 presidential election favor the Republicans (-140) over the Democrats (+110) with all other parties +3000, according to odds at BetOnline and

Trump is currently the -160 favorite to win the 2024 presidential election with Biden +155 odds as the underdog.

Recall less than a month ago that Trump's odds to win the 2024 Presidential election took a hit with BetOnline dropping the convicted felon's odds from -165 to -120 before rebounding back to -140 with money supporting his odds back to -160. Trump said his convictions and all the chaos "Is part of the game."  

Donald Trump Presidential debate oddsIt's Game On starting Thursday through Nov. 5. 

You might want to refresh yourself from the 2020 Trump-Biden debate as the bitter attacks from each side were part of the combative prime-time event. 

When And Where Is The Debate?

The first 2024 presidential debate is scheduled on Thursday, June 27 at 9 p.m. EST. The debate will be held with no studio audience at CNN studios in Atlanta. The 90 minute debate is anchored by Jake Tapper and moderated by Dana Bash, who have not been shy about calling out Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories.

How Can I Watch The debate?

Tune in for bickering and bashing of the controversial duo live on CNN, CNN International, CNN en Español and the streaming platform Max and Also, FOX News, ABC, NBC and C-SPAN will carry the debate having agreed to CNN’s terms to display the network’s on-air watermark on-screen. 

Presidential Debate Odds And Props

Presidential debate odds from and top online sportsbooks are subject to change and will be updated in real-time on this page:

Who will win the debate? (according to CNN poll) 
- Joe Biden (+110) vs. Donald Trump (-150)

Will the candidates shake hands before or after debate?
Yes (+700) 

Viewership according to Nielsen Ratings
Over/Under 80.5 million viewers 

Will the debate exceed 90 minutes?
Yes (-200) No (+150)

Who's first answer during debate will be longer?
Biden (-130) Trump (-110)

First topic of debate        
- Economy (+150)
- Foreign Policy (+275)
- Healthcare (+300)
- Immigration (+350)
- AI (+600)
- Climate Change (+1200)
- Hunter Biden (+1600)
- Cryptocurrency (+2500)

How many times will either candidate call for other to answer a question?
Over/Under 1.5 times

How many times will Trump say 'fake news'?
Over/Under 1.5 

How many times will Trump say 'stolen' or 'rigged'? 
Over/Under      3.5 

Which will Trump say first?
- Rigged (+140)
- Witch Hunt (+160)
- Fake News (+225) 

Which war will be discussed first? 
- Israel-Hamas (+100) 
- Ukraine-Russia (-140)

How many non-facts will be said by Donald Trump? (according to Washington Post Fact Checker blog)
Over/Under 15.5 non-facts 

How many non-facts will be said by Joe Biden? (according to Washington Post Fact Checker blog) 
Over/Under 9.5 non-facts

How many gaffes/mixups will Biden have? 
Over/Under 2.5 mixups 

First candidate to condemn Israel
Trump (+200) Biden (-300)

First candidate to interrupt a moderator 
Trump (-250) Biden (+170)

How many times will moderator ask to stay on topic?
Over/Under 7.5 times

How many times will moderator call for order?
Over/Under 4.5 times 

First candidate to drink from water bottle
Donald Trump (+110) Joe Biden (-150)

Which indictment word/phrase will be said first?        
- Felon (+200) 
- Witch Hunt (+200) 
- Insurrection (+600) 
- Hush Money (+650) 
- Stormy Daniels (+800) 
- Espionage (+1200) 
- Fake Electors (+1200) 

Which person will be said first?           
- Putin (+100)
- Netanyahu (+220)
- Zelensky (+240) 

Which country will be said first?              
- China (+225)
- Ukraine (+225)
- Russia (+325)
- Israel (+400)
- Mexico (+1000)
- North Korea (+1400)

Which state will be said first?              
- Georgia (+250)
- Pennsylvania (+300)
- Arizona (+400)
- Michigan (+450)
- Nevada (+600)
- Wisconsin (+600)

Which candidate will be trending highest on Twitter/X at end of debate? 
Donald Trump (-200)  Joe Biden (+150)

How many followers will Trump's TikTok account have at end of debate?
Over/Under 8 million followers     

What's next?

The next Trump-Biden presidential debate is Sept. 10. Trump will likely announce his pick for vice president soon, around the Fourth of July following the fireworks from the first debate. There will also be a vice presidential debate this summer with a date to be determined the end of July or early August.

Following the Fourth of July, Trump will appear for sentencing in his criminal trial on July 11. That's just days before the Republican National Convention, which begins on July 15 in Milwaukee. Will Trump and all his turmoil still be the favorite to win then? A month later, the Democratic National Convention will kick off on Aug. 19 in Chicago. 

The controversial Trump-Biden battle and bashing has just begun. 

You can bet on it. 

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