Upon Further Review: Top Notch Odds

New information and ownership involvement prompts a closer look at new sportsbook Top Notch Odds.

Here at OSGA we are constantly scouring the Internet for the latest information on sportsbooks, payout methods, etc. Several weeks back we were alerted to a situation with a brand new sportsbook, that somehow had become aligned with one of the biggest stiffs ever in the online sports book business.

Our article titled, "New Online Sportsbook with Scammer Ties" identified Rodrigo Castro, of BetMayor and Wager506 infamy, as working with a new sportsbook called Top Notch Odds.

Management from Top Notch Odds was quick to clarify the reference to Rodrigo, which implied that he was involved as the owner of yet another scam shop. They immediately emailed us and ultimately called us here at OSGA. I personally spoke with the top man who assured me that Rodrigo is a simply a clerk and has nothing to do with the sportsbook, payouts or any monetary aspect of TopNotchOdds.com. 

Instead, he let me know of the backing and years in the business that the head bookmaker (and money man) has. He stated that the operation has run a sports betting operation that offers credit and uses a different model than traditional 'post-up' sportsbooks for many years and Top Notch Odds is an extension of that profitable shop. He also provided some insight as to the operation and references in the industry. He let me know that Top Notch Odds has already learned a great deal since their February foray into the post-up market and insisted that they know how to run a sports betting operation to remain profitable.

We then checked with some of our industry sources and verified some of what ownership of the sports book was telling us. Our dive into Top Notch Odds did not reveal anything of note, with the exception that Castro is still working there.

We had told players back in June to pull their money and avoid Top Notch Odds due to their association with one of the biggest scammers in recent memory. And though we are never big fans of places that have not made it through one football and baseball season, we don't feel as though bad hiring practices by a new sportsbook should be a cause to mark them a 'Bad Bet'. To their credit, Top Notch Odds has been in operation since February and we have not had any payout complaints on them to date. Let's hope Top Notch Odds continues to prove themselves this football season and that the main people behind the book are more than just talk.

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