Weekly Top Sportsbook Pick - 5Dimes

Every week OSGA will feature a top online sportsbook that does something awesome or unique in the industry. This week we feature the reduced juice sportsbook giant, 5Dimes.

Every week OSGA will feature a Sportsbook of the Week. A top online sportsbook will be chosen weekly and highlighted for something they do or offer that is incomparable in the online gambling industry. With hundreds of sportsbooks online and new questionable operators opening shops daily, it is important to play at only the top sportsbooks online. Every Sportsbook of the Week is an online betting outfit that is trustworthy, has an impeccable track record and will pay players when they win without delays or problems.

The first few weeks we will highlight the largest, most respected sportsbooks online. Each place is a household name in online sports betting, and has more than a decade in business.

The Sportsbook of the Week is the reduced juice shop – 5Dimes.eu.

5Dimes is one of the largest operations and one of the sharpest operators offering online sports betting anywhere. 5Dimes offers outstanding value and an unmatched amount of action for both the experienced and novice online player.

The real reason that 5Dimes is our Sportsbook of the Week is their great odds and enormous betting menu. 5D, as they are commonly known, provides more odds on more events and at the most competitive prices of any sportsbook online. Their betting menu is seemingly endless and much of it is offered at a reduced juice betting price. They offer options on every single game played, plus multiple props on football, baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing, MMA, golf, auto racing, tennis, and every soccer league. In addition, they list, halves, quarters and offer more live betting than any other sportsbook, anywhere. On top of all that, 5Dimes puts up their lines early and moves often, on their own money. This is not some clone shop! 5Dimes is a place whose lines are followed by other sportsbooks.

5Dimes has amassed a huge, loyal customer base with an incomparable track record of paying players on time. With nearly 20 years online, they offer the security of playing and getting paid that comes with longevity in the business. They provide cutting edge amenities like two different interfaces for Live Betting, a rewards program, a 'Do-It-Yourself Bet Builder' for player props and a ton of payout methods.

Top 3 Reasons to play at 5Dimes.eu:
1. Betting Menu – odds for every sport and event.
2. Odds – sharp lines, most at reduced juice pricing.
3. Strength of Payouts – never a payout complaint.

Currently 5Dimes is offering a 50% plus new player reward in their 'Bonus Plus' program! New player deposits of up to $400 get a 50% Free-Play Reward. But the 'Plus' kicks in if the deposit amount exceeds $400, it will also qualify for an EXTRA 20% Free-Play Reward. And every day, regardless of any offers, players can wager at reduced juice pricing at one of the sharpest sportsbooks anywhere in the world.

Here at OSGA we urge players to have multiple places to play and 5Dimes is a sportsbook that should be in everyone's online gambling portfolio. Sign-up at 5Dimes.eu today.

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