Weekly Top Sportsbook Pick - BookMaker

Every week OSGA will feature a top online sportsbook that does something awesome or unique in the industry. First up, industry giant, BookMaker.

Every week OSGA will feature a Sportsbook of the Week. A top online sportsbook will be chosen weekly and highlighted for something they do or offer that is incomparable in the online gambling industry. With hundreds of sportsbooks online and new questionable operators opening shops daily, it is important to play at only the top sportsbooks online. Every Sportsbook of the Week is an online betting outfit that is trustworthy, has an impeccable track record and will pay players when they win without delays or problems.

The first few weeks we will highlight the largest, most respected sportsbooks online. Each place is a household name in online sports betting, and has more than a decade in business.

The first Sportsbook of the Week has to be the Kings of Costa Rica - Bookmaker.eu.

BookMaker is not only a huge operation, but a sportsbook that everyone turns to, and has been going to since the early 90s. They claim to be "Where the Line Originates" and this slogan has rung true since the late 90s for the BookMaker operation. Football lines are up for next week's games on Sunday night and basketball and college football lines are posted well in advance.

The real reason they are the first book to be named a Sportsbook of the Week is their size and longevity in the business. BookMaker houses hundreds of employees in their 7-story building. And they need a huge workforce because they have tens of thousands of customers. It's easy to amass that kind of loyal customer base when you have over 20 years of taking bets offshore and have an unparalleled track record of paying players on time.

And that is really what it comes down to. There are places that have bigger bonuses, or reduced juice offerings, but no sportsbook online offers the security of playing and getting paid that BookMaker offers. In addition to all of this, BookMaker does what any successful business needs to do in 2017 – offer and excellent website that works on both mobile and desktop devices, provide industry leading amenities like Live Betting, bitcoin payouts and a rewards program, then back it all with solid customer service and quick payouts.

Top 3 Reasons to play at BookMaker.eu:

  1. Longevity - over 25 years in business.
  2. Size - tens of thousand of customers.
  3. Strength of Payouts - never a payout complaint.

Currently BookMaker is offering a 50% welcome sports bonus AND a 50% casino bonus - up to $300 on each! This comes with a low 10 times rollover. Or, for players who deposit using bitcoin, BookMaker has a 100% free play bonus, up to $1,000. However, this carries with it a 20X rollover. And every day, regardless of any offers, players can wager at one of the very best sportsbooks anywhere in the world.

Here at OSGA we urge players to have multiple places to play and BookMaker is a sportsbook that should be in everyone's online gambling portfolio. Sign-up at BookMaker.eu today.

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