Bookies Need to Start Somewhere

Starting a bookmaking business includes two things, finding a Pay Per Head service and sports bettors.

One of the most common reasons why bookies say they’re holding back and waiting to start a sportsbook business is because of concern they don't have enough players ready to bet.

It's a big mistake, as a profitable sportsbook can be launched with a single player.

Of course, profits will be limited with just one player, but start-up bookies can make a bit of money and learn exactly how the business works, which will put them in a better position once they have more players.

Don’t Wait - Start Today

Anyone can start a bookie business today without having to pay a dime.

Per head companies have a lot of competition fighting for your business. Because of this, the services that are confident in what they provide often have a free trial for multiple weeks.

The best PPH services know bookies are going to love their product. If a pay per head isn't offering a trial to new bookies, be concerned, as all of the heavy-hitters in the industry offer one.

Why Join a Pay Per Head?

New operators need to start somewhere and a PPH offers everything a bookie needs.

- Software/Website:
Have you bet online? You should know then what bookie software will look like. PPH services will have you set-up with a website similar to America's Bookie. There is no need to have any technical skills, such as programming/coding, as the PPH service handles it all.

betting odds- Betting Board:
Managing a huge betting board is a full-time job for a team of experts. This isn't a 9-5 type of job. Odds managers need to keep lines moving and sharp around the clock. It is impossible for a bookie to do this on his own, which is why many join a PPH.

 - Support:
PPH services will provide support for the bookie and the players. The best services even have a 24/7 call center so players can call in bets at any time. This is a big perk, as a lot of old school guys still prefer calling in most of their bets.

Finding The First Few Players

Many new bookies start out by reaching out to friends. There's a good chance that some friends are betting on sports already. Bookmakers can tell them to bet with their new service and ensure they get paid quickly.

Another way friends would benefit is that they can get paid in cash, which is always king.

Sourcing players locally is much easier initially. Once the first 5-10 players are betting and a bookie is making some money, it is time to start looking at marketing online, with a small budget.

Don't think that a bookmaking service needs hundreds of players to make a living in this business either.

Even if a betting sheet grows to 25 active bettors that on average lose even $100/week, which is peanuts for most sports bettors, that means making an average of $2500/week.

The profits can skyrocket quickly as a bookmaker, so get started now. Once a bookmaker learns the ropes and has a better grasp on the business, it is no problem growing a betting sheet.

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