Common Types of Bookie Services

A look at six different types of bookmakers that operate around the globe.

Six common types of bookie services

Many amateur punters believe that only one type of bookie exists. This is partly due to the growing popularity of sports betting globally. Online bookmakers offer the most well-known bookie services. But, other bookmakers offer unique offers and promotions. Here are six common types of bookie services.

1. Private Bookmakers

Private bookies are available in many countries. But, you need to trace them, as they don't openly market their services. Some of them operate outside a country's law and lack gambling licenses, while other private bookies are registered and have valid licenses. They opt to operate privately and limit their clientele. It is risky to wager at an illegal company, as they can rip you off and just take your winnings. It is important to ask the private bookie service questions before depositing money in a gambling account with one.

2. Racecourse Bookmakers

These are some of the oldest bookmakers. They are available on virtually every dog racing and horse racing track worldwide. The bookies don't provide sports betting markets. For example, the United Kingdom has many bookmakers in racecourses, some of which are small bookies with several employees. They rarely operate in a particular racecourse as they travel to various racing tracks.

Racecourse BookmakersRacecourse bookmakers pay a "pitching fee" at each racecourse. It mainly depends on the popularity of a racing event as bookies' profits increase in high-profile races. Permanent pitches help bookmakers access all events in a venue. Many courses have a "betting ring," an allocated area that all bookmakers can access.

Generally, racecourse bookmakers are less reliable compared to online bookmakers. They only accept bets for races held where they have pitched and you need to pay in cash to get a bet ticket. You collect winnings if your prediction was precise.

3. Online Bookmakers

They started operating in the 1990s and the first bet cost $50. Old online bookies, like Intertops, had simple sites, unlike today's online bookies. Their betting options and markets were few. Still, some people didn't believe that they can place bets online, as the online betting industry didn't have real regulation.

Millions of regular pundits like online bookmakers, as they are convenient and easily accessible. They offer different payment methods and process winnings quickly. You can wager online on your phone and get timely match updates. The bookmakers cover popular and infamous leagues from different countries hence offering unlimited gambling options.

The advantages of using online bookmakers include:

 - Occasional awards and bonuses to clients
 - Attractive odds and pay lines
 - In-play betting
 - Mobile betting options

4. Retail Bookmakers

retail bookmakersRetail bookies are also called bookmaking shops. They are famous in the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and New Zealand. Some Australian betting booths are in hotels and pubs. BetFred, Coral, Ladbrokes and William Hill operate several retail bookmakers.

The bookmakers provide diverse gambling markets on various sports events. They have electronic boards which display odds. They need you to fill in betting slips and pay in cash to place bets. Some shops allow punters to bet verbally using automated gambling terminals. They offer tickets for each bet. The strict sports gambling law in the U.S. bans the operation of bookmaking shops.

5. Telephone Betting Services

Some bookies only operate on the telephone, but their popularity has reduced due to widespread online gambling. They are a perfect alternative for gamblers who dislike betting online. Telephone betting services need you to call a bookie, give out the details of each bet and they will check the current odds before taking payment.

6. Casino Sportsbooks

Las Vegas has many casino sportsbooks. They are more glamorous than bookmaking shops and have huge televisions that show live sports. You can wager at a gambling window and talk to an employee or visit an interactive gambling station to bet electronically. The most popular casino sportsbooks include The Mirage Race & Sports Book, The Wynn Las Vegas Race & SportsBook, Lagasse's Stadium, Circa Sports and The Westgate Las Vegas Superbook.

Bookies like private bookmakers, racecourse bookmakers, online bookmakers, retail bookmakers, and telephone betting services hire bookie pay per head services to cut their website maintenance and operation costs. They pay PPH providers a commission for each player that wagers at their sites.

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