Do PPH Services Offer a Casino?

Pay Per Head services offer more than just bookie software.

The per head industry has been flooded with business during the COVID-19 shutdown. Bookies want in and they want to know what pay per head casino software is all about. There is one sure thing in gambling, "offer it and they will come". Gamblers gamble, so bookies must stay on top of players' wants. The casino is a cash cow during this time and it's a huge source of income at any time.

The best PPH providers online are now offering top-notch casinos that have a Las Vegas feel. Not many folks are going to Vegas right now and in fact, Vegas has been closed for close to three months. They were the first to close and could be the last to open. We have no idea when everything will reopen but we do know the alternative; the online casino.

PPH casinoA great PPH will offer a bookie a three in one package that includes a Las Vegas-style casino featuring more than 100-games, along with live dealers, all of the hottest slots, and a host of favorite table games.

What the PPH software does is operate your online bookmaking service for an agent. The PPH is the bookie. It's a management system that's operated through a desktop or mobile app. All you need to do is plug your players in. The PPH provider will help you integrate or add your players within a day or two.

The PPH process is simple and easy to use. They believe in "user friendly" and indeed it is. The PPH sets up an account within a day or two, they custom-build a bookie website for FREE of charge and agents can be operational and earning a fantastic income during this COVID-19 mess.

The PPH is the sportsbook. They offer exactly what any major online sportsbook offers such as a host of daily side bets and totals. They set up the daily offerings along with all of the days lines and odds. You do not have to be an experienced odds maker or line mover. The PPH does the work for you.

The PPH comes loaded with a state-of-the-art user interface that's stacked to the gills with options such as a vast wagering menu and one that offers every way in which to bet on the sports being offered. Sports will be back very soon. You may want in now with a great casino, and this is a wise decision, keep in mind, you are also setting yourself up for success when sports make its return.

The PPH is as if the local bookie is hiring a personal assistant or a wagering clerk. If you are a local bookie then you probably don't have the payroll to add a wagering clerk, especially during these times. Now you can.

Players now have sites like Gameadvisers to help them with picks, so you should get a pay per head the same way to help with your day to day operations.

The PPH is affordable. At around $7 per head, per week for active players, you can't afford to not be in.

Bookies must have an online presence if they care about keeping their client's interest and loyalty now, more than ever before. Players are bored and they want something to gamble on. You can’t possibly offer them a casino unless you are online. You can get online easily and affordably with a great PPH.

The PPH software takes care of all your daily accounting needs. They track every dollar in, and every dollar out. They also track your players. If you want to be a bookie that earns big profits, then player management is the key to your success. The PPH set you up for this success with their player management tools.

You will never again grade a bet slip! All wagers are placed either on your website itself or over the phone. They will no longer be calling you at all hours of the night. Your players will have access to an 800 number that offers the best customer service agents, and they speak English!

Don’t let CV-19 get the best of you. Now is the time to make the most of a great opportunity and start earning big profits with an online casino. Best of all, you don’t need to have casino experience, this is plug and play. Call the PPH today and ask for a free trial.

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