Do You Require Speed From Your PPH Service?

When looking for a Price Per Head provider, the need for speed is important if you want to grow quickly.

Is your current pay per head (PPH) slowing your business growth?

It's tough being at the mercy of your Pay Per Head provider as a bookie, but it's necessary. However, you can make things a lot better by partnering with a price per head service that wants you to grow.

Some PPH services provide extremely limited support. They're slow to respond to questions and if you try getting anything done, it can take weeks to receive the help you need.

That’s not going to be conducive to running a fast growing online sportsbook.

How Does a Speedy PPH Help Bookies?

There are numerous reasons why having a fast acting PPH shop is beneficial.

As a bookie, the need for speed is important if you want to grow quickly. There’s no point running around doing a hundred things at once, if you can’t rely on your per head software.

Adding Accounts: Your pay per head will add additional player accounts as you require, but having a shop that can get accounts opened up in minutes/hours instead of days is imperative.

Downtime: What happens if your bookie website goes down? Well, for one, your players are unable to bet and if this happens on an NFL Sunday, it’s going to cost you a lot. You only want to join a PPH that offers a guaranteed 99.9% uptime to mitigate this risk.

 Support Questions: As a new bookie, you’re likely going to need help using certain features. It’s no good if your PPH takes days to respond to general support queries. This is a very fast moving industry and you need a PPH that’s responsive to your queries 24/7.

Customizations: Need help generating specific data? Need to add a custom feature to your website, but don’t have an in-house developer? You want a pay per head with the ability to customize your website quickly. The top of the line pay per heads have in-house developers and designers.

 Odds Management: PPH services manage the betting lines for your bookie. A speedy PPH is going to ensure your lines remain sharp at all times. The last thing you want is to join a PPH where the odds are stale and you’re regularly being arbed by bettors taking shots.

There are so many reasons why having a fast acting pay per head is a massive benefit.

RealBookies is the #1 pay per head service in the world. They have a massive in-house team to take care of everything for you. The only things you'll need to handle are finding the players and then collecting the cash. When you partner with a speedy PPH, they help your business grow. They are listed on Techtimes as the number one per head shop on the planet.

If your PPH isn't treating you right, then it's time to switch. Your business is too important and if you want to grow to turn this into a career, you need to offer a competitive product.

The best PPH if you require speed is definitely RealBookies. You can join them for free initially, as they have an industry-leading four-week free trial for all new bookmakers.

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