Growing a Bookie Business

Tips for setting up a bookie service online.

The best ways to grow a bookie business may not be what everyone thinks they are. As experienced gamblers that became bookies, Real Bookies highly recommends a few great ways to keep clients and to expand business. On the sportsbook side of the gaming world, there is one key ingredient that is a must have to keep your clients happy . . . a vast array of wagering options. Bookies must offer it, or players will go find it elsewhere. The second and equally important factor when it comes to profits is cross-action. A sportsbook must have cross-action, or bookies are simply gambling over a handshake with a buddy.

For a sportsbook, players are an advertisement. If a book has one paying client, then that paying client knows 10-more, and they will talk. A client's word of mouth is gold. Whether your sportsbook has one client, two clients, or 1,000 clients, the best advertisement is happy clients.

You know what's coming . . . Clients mean everything for the simple fact that they are the mouthpiece, and they will control future profit margins. Are you keeping your clients happy? Are you giving them everything they ask for?

What do clients want?

Gamblers want many things, but let's start with the most important.

They want a place to play 24/7, and they don't want to be forced to call every time they want to place a bet. You don’t want them calling you on a 24/7 basis either. You are probably one person and need your personal time and space. How can you have it if you are going to be open for business 24/7?

price per head setup tipsDo you see the problem that local bookies face? You have a business; your clients love you and they want to gamble with you, but you can’t possibly be open to them 24/7. This is a BIG problem. If you want the maximum benefits from clients, you must be available when they want to gamble, and you must offer them what they want to gamble on.

What do sports betting clients want to gamble on? They want to gamble on everything! They want a sportsbook that offers every sport known to man. You are probably offering the "Big 4" and maybe some soccer. Look, this is great, however, it's simply not enough. A bookie must branch out and offer them every sport on the planet that Las Vegas places a spread or a line on.

Many players also want to bet on the horses. Horse bettors are the best kind of clients to have. They spend a lot of money and are faithful if they are offered a wide variety of betting options. You probably offer them the Triple Crown, but beyond this, you most likely offer them little. Calculating horse bets is a hassle, it takes a lot of time and you must know the odds very well. We can promise you this, your players know the odds and how much they are supposed to collect, you can count on it!

Players also want a fantastic casino. Local bookies can’t possibly offer this. There is no way possible to offer this unless you are offering an online casino.

And bookies MUST find an online presence to bring about big profits. Remember, players are your word of mouth and if you are not online, they cannot recommend you.

How to get online without spending a fortune

A Pay Per Head service is the best option. The PPH is an online software provider for bookies. They offer the best software programs available and it’s affordable. For around $7-$13 per head, per week, you get all the above.

The pay per head offers a fantastic, state of the art sportsbook, they also offer a world-class racebook that comes with more than 75-tracks from around the world. To boot, they also offer Las Vegas-style casinos that feature more than 100-games, including the hottest slots, and live dealers. If you want to make a big impact and start growing your business overnight, then you must consider a PPH. You will get a custom-built website for FREE, and all the bells and whistles of a top-notch gaming website. Call the best PPH today and get started with no money down and no obligation.

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