Horse Betting Basics: What Bookies Must Know

Price Per Head services also offer a horse racing component for bookmaking clients.

Horse racing is a big deal, a very big deal! If you are a local bookie and thinking of finding an online presence, then you are one of the smart ones. You must be online if you want to earn an unlimited income. One thing we have learned is this, players want to play on their time, not on the bookies time. They want 24/7 access and they want to bet at 3:00 am, or at 11:00 pm, or whenever. They want to bet at any time of the day or night, and this means you are losing business if you are not online. We are putting this in layman's terms to remind you what your clients are looking for. You must offer a fantastic racetrack betting platform.

There is one reason you want to offer a great race venue on your gaming website: Revenue. It's that simple. Las Vegas was built on horse racing and although this is certainly not what keeps Vegas going today, it is still a large part of the overall gaming revenue. Especially in the sportsbook itself.

horse racing profits price per headHorse bettors are the very best bettors to have, they are faithful to a fault, if there is such a thing. Yes, we just described an oxymoron it seems, but maybe not, and here is why. Horse bettors bet all day, every day. This means that if you are indeed offering horse betting without an online presence, then you are taking phone calls all day, keeping up with the money trail, offering credit so that you don't have to keep up with deposits, and this get's dicey. There may be a few players that you know personally, and you are willing to give them some gambling credit, but as a general rule; NO! You see the oxymoron? You want these players, and you need them, in fact, you must have them if you care about huge profits, but you can’t have them calling you all day and it will be close to impossible keeping up with the money trail.

You must manage your players and manage their spending. You must make deposit arrangements. The PPH is more than willing to help you find the best solution for deposits and even payouts. The good news, you will have time to manage your horse bettors with PPH software, like Pay Per Head247.

The PPH is the gaming site, they are the bookie and all you do is use the app on your device. There is no coding skills needed, no site-building, there is nothing to do other than call the PPH and tell them how many clients you have (it can be zero right now or 3,000), the number of clients is unimportant. What matters is this - you will have a free gaming website built for you in a day or two.

The gaming website will offer three gambling areas. The sportsbook, the casino, and a world-class racebook that offers more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the globe.

Horse racing is complicated with many ways to bet. The great thing about the PPH, they do all of the wager acceptance for you and they grade all bet slips. You do not have to be a horse racing genius, nor will you have to grade bet slips and make sure the payouts are correct.

The PPH sets all of the daily horse odds in "real-time". These odds fluctuate according to the money and they are updated to the minute. They also pay track odds in "real-time". Your players will care about this aspect, the most.

There is no question that horse bettors are the best to have and you must offer a great venue if you want to earn a fantastic income as a bookmaker. Now you can do exactly this for around $7-$13 per head, per week. This allows your clients to place as many bets as they choose for a one-time, weekly fee. You pay only for active players and only once per week, no matter how much they bet or for that matter where they bet. Call today and get started now with a custom-built, free, gaming website.

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