Hundreds of $6 Million Venom seats up for grab in November

Satellites have started for the $6 Million Venom. Check inside for all the information!

Hundreds of seats in the upcoming $6 Million Venom tourney, which gets underway on November 27th, are available through a variety of satellite tournaments throughout the month of November.

The $6 Million Venom is a multi-day tournament with a guaranteed $1 Million first-place prize run at America's Card Room and Black Chip Poker. Thanks to Venom Fever, players won’t have pay $2,650 to get in the game for the big money. Cyclones, Steps, Skips, or Mega Satellites can help players earn a seat for as little as $0.

Poker hands venom tournamentThis tourney final is a multi-day event with four separate Day 1 options, stating on November 27th. A million bucks is guaranteed for first place and daily satellites start on November 1st, with as little as a $15 buy in. 

Step Tournaments

Step Tournaments enable players to work their way to a $6 Million Venom seat for nearly nothing. Conquer whichever step you choose and you'll win a seat in the subsequent step. Choose from sit and go, on demand, or scheduled steps, available on a daily basis. And the best part? The first step is free? 

Skip Tournaments 

Skip tournaments give players the chance to bypass one or several steps on the way to the $6 Million Venom. If you don’t have time for all the steps, then these satellites are made for you!

Mega Satellites

Mega Satellites are a great way to save time and money. These tourneys run every day and don’t cost much, but award dozens of $6 Million Venom seats at once. 

Cyclone Tournaments 

Cyclone tournaments are just like the popular blitz poker games, where players can experience high speed poker and play to win numerous $6 Million Venom seats. There are seven Cyclone steps and the seventh step awards seats worth $2,650. Cyclones are available on mobile, Mac, and PC.

Get to America's Card Room or Black Chip Poker today to start your journey to the $6 Million Venom, with $1 million guaranteed! 

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