MLB Betting: The First 5 Innings Often Provide an Advantage

When betting baseball there is often more value wagering on the 'first half' instead of the full 9 innings.

Baseball betting provides action almost from the first pitch

It's just a matter of days where MLB baseball will be the only game in town to wager on. But bookies have maximized betting on Major League Baseball for several years starting wtih a No Run First Inning (NRFI) wager and they now offer, live betting on props, side and total throughout the game. Bets range from standard fare like team total runs or alternate game totals to wagering on player hits, RBIs, total bases and even strikeouts. But the first change in MLB betting came over a decade ago and in today's professional baseball, betting the first 5 innings is often provides and easier way to cash in.

Action increases on First 5

MLB betting first 5 inningsA hugely popular bet was introduced about a decade ago, where players could reduce the three-plus hour wait to win or lose a bet and instead bet on the outcome of the first 5 innings of a MLB game. In today's  MLB, starting pitchers are usually taken out early, leaving bettors to rely on a team's often shaky bullpen. But, with the first 5-inning or first-half wager, the bullpen does not come into play. in light of today's analytic driven decisions for player safety, matchups and the point in the season, many sharper bettors have begun to prefer the first five inning wager.

>A "safer" wager

Of course, when betting the full game there are random elements out of your control that can cost you a winning bet - weather, especailly winds can change, close games make for a variety of different outcomes and managers can change ptichers, hitters and fielders at a whim. Early in the game, bettors can look at a lineup against a known pitcher and opponent and not have to deal with any factors that inevitable popup later in the game. Players can find a situation in which there is an edge and that angle is magnified due to the shorter number of innings. Overall, by betting the first 5 innings, bettors can hone in on a smaller range of factors when searching for value. 

First 5 innings betting tips

 - Look for a strong starting pitcher starting with a poor bullpen or vice versa
 - Shop at the top online sportsbooks for the best betting line, especially totals
 - The first five innings tend to be higher scoring than the last four
 - Betting the five innings instead of nine reduces the edge of the better team

By removing the bullpen as a consideration in baseball F5 bets and eliminating some of the unknown factors that arise in the later innings of a game, bettors can maximize their MLB betting. Look for unique betting opportunities and then shop for the best line to make this summer a profitable one.

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