Now is the Time to Switch Your Pay Per Head Service

The "off season" is really the best time to switch pay per head providers.

For bookies planning on switching pay per head service providers, there is no better time than right now. The idea that the best time to switch is during football season is a myth.

There are a number of advantages to switching now, especially when you choose an industry leader such as RDG Corp. The company has been around since the dawn of pay per head service and has proven itself as a leader committed to helping bookies build successful businesses.


Why Switch Now?

It has often been said the best time to switch PPH services is during football season. That couldn't be further from the truth. The best time is now.  Here's why.

RDG PPH serviceWhen you switch to RDG Corp, you can choose from a number of packages designed to fit your needs and take advantage of a four-week free trial. That's right. Bookies can switch over their entire operation to RDG Corp and try it for a month free.

That will carry into the summer and just a few short months later you will be in full swing for the NFL and college football seasons. 

Why RDG Corp?

With years of experience in the pay per head industry, RDG Corp has always been at the forefront of the latest PPH technology, software, and security measures. Bookies get the latest in software updates, security protocols, and much more.

There are a variety of packages available to bookies no matter the size of their business. There is no company too big or too small. Whether a bookie has 10 players or 1,000, there is a solution at RDG Corp. Plus, there is an option to allow RDG Corp to design a custom turnkey solution.

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Features & Benefits Now

Because of its experience in the industry, RDG Corp understands the needs of bookies and their customers. One of the best features of their PPH software is the Auto Line Mover. You get faster line updates than the competition. You will always be out in front of any big line moves and keeps lines sharp. That is a selling point that will keep customers coming back.

Why wait until football season to take advantage of the sharpest lines around? You can finish out the NBA and NHL seasons and get into the heart of the MLB season while you prepare for the upcoming football season. And, don’t forget, you will be able to test the excellence of RDG Corp’s service for four weeks.

Speaking of Service

In addition to the various packages and the Auto Line Mover, there are other benefits as well. Bettors will find it safe and secure when depositing and withdrawing from their accounts. All transactions are anonymous as well.

One of the huge benefits of working with RDG Corp is the customer service. It is around-the-clock service provided every day, 24 hours a day. You can reach an agent who has years of experience in the betting industry and has experience dealing with technical issues as well.

The bottom line is that RDG Corp knows what bookies need and has worked for decades to ensure they get it. Don’t wait for football season to make the switch. Take advantage of the experience of an industry leader that will make your operation more efficient and more cost effective. Switch to RDG Corp now.

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