Understand the Business Before Choosing a PPH

Choosing the right pay per head service includes adding all the pieces that keep clients loyal.

Choosing a pay per head to operate a bookie business is not a difficult task, it’s not daunting and it’s easy, however, there is one prerequisite to making it easy; know what is needed going in.

What does a bookie need to run a successful, online bookmaking business? Bookies need an 'easy button'. The misnomer flying around is "there is no such thing as an easy button". That's a lie. There is indeed an 'easy button' if operators know what they want from a PPH. The best software gambling providers are now offering a complete package, in one-easy-to-operate and understand, application.

Here is what bookies must understand: Especially right now, but at any time during whatever is happening in the world, bookmakers must remember one thing . . . they are in this business to earn a great income and that income can be seen if bookies are willing to step out of the box.

It's easy to be a local bookie. There is no stress other than the late-night phone calls and the hassles of collecting money and grading bet slips. The problem for local bookies is where are your clients right now and are they loyal to you?

Let’s face the facts, sports betting clients are not that loyal. What makes them loyal? COVID has been a disaster for the local bookie and most are no exceptions. Even in the best of times, clients are not being loyal. Why? They have other options. They go where they can play in a great casino and racebook, they go where they think they can win some money.

horse racing PPH softwareIf clients don't have the casino and racebook option available and as long as some sports are offered, oh sure, they will bet from time to time but that’s all folks! If this is all that is offered and it’s killing the bookies' bottom line. There is a ton of money to be earned with an online gaming site and now you can have one for FREE.

The best PPH companies on the web are now offering a top-notch, three in one package that provide a state of the art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino. There is no bottom line to sign on, there are no crazy obligations and no crazy fees. The PPH industry is vast, there are some great providers and there are some duds. Stay away from the rock bottom prices and stay away from the ones that charge $15, $20, and more per head. The top-notch providers are now offering a service that is unparalleled for $7-$13 per head, per week. Any bookie can afford this price and every bookie needs this service.

Bookies who want to earn a great income must be online today and have players playing. If it is offered, they will indeed show up for the party, but it has to be there for them to use first.

The PPH does everything, they offer a great sportsbook that features all of the best options that can be found on any online sportsbook. They set all of the day's betting action on a clean and crisp webpage, they set all of the day's lines and odds while leaving the bookie in control. They offer a fantastic racebook with more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the world. They accept all wagers on the website or over the phone on a toll-free number, (all agents speak great English).

The time is right to find a great PPH and let them do all of the work. The PPH is the online sportsbook and all bookies have to do is manage their players. The PPH sets up with all of the tools to use the best software for bookies and they support them every step of the way. Bookies tired of losing clients and tired of not seeing the kind of income that is deserved, now is the time! Stop the madness and get a free gaming website today. Turn your 2020 fate around. Gamblers are still gambling and they want to be loyal. Give them a reason. Call the PPH today and ask for a no-obligation free trial.

More information at: choosing a pay per head sportsbook.

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