Agent report, how to use it

A look at the back-end reports provided by a pay per head service.

Pay per head (PPH) agents manage key gambling operations for betting firms. They charge a certain fee for any active player that bets in a particular period.

Also, they provide detailed agent reports weekly or monthly to help bookmakers make informed decisions. The following are 16 popular agent reports and how you can use them.

1. Player Totals
The report displays the weekly totals of each punter. It breaks downgraded and pending wagers. The player totals report shows aggregated weekly losses, the current and net account balances of all players.

2. Exposure and Line
As a bookie, you need to know your operation's actual exposure. This type of agent report provides in-depth information like every single line's actual status for every game.

3. Real-Time Betting
A real-time gambling report helps keep track all incoming actions of active players. It can be customized with options like refresh time, betting history, and bet details. This offshore service will help your bookie grow.

4. Daysheet
Bookie agents need to control the house's weekly figures. The daysheet report contains different information that you have received from sub-agents.

5. Open Bets
The betting software report indicates all current open bets of all active customers. The filters of this report can be used to gather other data. The filters include the type of bet, type of sports event, and the player's name.

6. History
The report allows for the review of action that players made recently. It has detailed information on various types of bets that each customer placed, the date, result, and stake.

7. Management
A management agent report shows all the sub-agents and players that you are monitoring. It will be used to edit different information that is in their accounts.

Agents reports PPH8. Standings
The report highlights the betting standings of all players. It has information like their credit limit, amount wagered in a week, current bets at risk, the stake they placed, and amount of loss or profit they made from horse racing, online casino, or sports gambling.

9. Hold Percentage
The hold percentage agent report highlights the actual gross amount that is earned from every player and sub-agent. It provides details like the amount, an agent's hold percentage, types of wagers placed, and a week's win or loss percentage.

10. Hold Percentage by Gambler
It has a slight difference with the hold percentage report. It has data for a certain number of players. So, the report can be used to track a group of players.

11. Cash Flow
The report indicates various financial transactions that a customer made. It helps check cash inflow. This key report provides data such as the betting date, the amount staked, transaction description, and the player.

12. Agent Position
All PPH agents need to know their exposure to various games. An agent position report has the most precise information among all other agent reports. It has data for different line types, sports, and games.

13. Handle Setup
It helps an agents to give something back to sub-agents and punters. It can be a kickback or their losses weekly percentage. The report will make enhance clients' trust and create loyalty amongst clientele.

14. Handle
You will see all sub-agents and players' actual percentage each week. The report further breaks it down to daily percentages.

15. PPH Agent Exposure by Game
Want to track active players' total action by sports events or bets? This report does that and has other information like bet type, stake placed, betting time, and the actual game.

16. Action by Player
An action by player agent report displays all players' weekly actions. It has detailed information, including wagers that each player placed, their stakes, total weekly income, casino, or horse action.

Many popular PPH agents offer live support or allow bookies to fill in contact forms on their sites when they need help. Some of them have a two-week trial period during which clients can decide to sign up on their websites. Agents can access the above reports on their PPH agent website's account.

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