An honest review on PPH services

A look at one of the better Price Per Head bookmaking services located in Costa Rica.

Highlights for the RealBookies PPH service

As in any other business in the world, the sportsbook industry has a solid base of simple, yet valuable and important principles, and honesty and trust are certainly two of them.

This is why, in the Price Per Head industry we take these values very seriously and try to apply them in every single aspect of the sports betting business. has made these principals very clear, and that’s why they are completely open to clients, so that bookies can see what they have to offer, test it out, ask questions, so that everyone can all be on the same page, and even make any adjustments needed. All of this helps Real  Bookies evolve and improve. This is why we want to give you an honest review of their PPH services, so that you’re well aware of everything they have to offer, and how you can use it to make your sportsbook operation better.

Why is Real Bookies the best PPH service?

First of all, experience makes up for a lot in the sports betting industry, and this company has that experience. They’ve been around for over 20 years, and have more than 1000 satisfied bookies right now and growing. So many years are something to value, because during this time they have  encountered every situation, have seen the world of gambling evolve and have found new solutions.  In other words, Real Bookies has been able to adapt to new technologies and come up with the best tools.

Another way PPH services try to earn your trust is by being completely honest and open about their tools, software and platform in general. will give prospective clients a free 4-week trial, so that they can test everything for yourself, no tricks, no hidden fees or commissions. It’s about being able to test every single part of the Real Bookies platform, to make sure it works flawlessly and understand it. real  Bookies is open to feedback, to adjusting anything that might need adjustment.

A great way to show clients that they want to do business, in a long-term, is by charging the right price per head fee, not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but the right one, the one that adjusts to your operation and your needs. This is because they want to be able to give clients exactly what they’re looking for, and everything players need, and nothing less.

Real Bookies starts from $7 per head, which is an excellent fee and quite affordable. Depending on the bookies' needs and the number of players, this fee can vary around a little, to $8 or $10 per head, which is still a great price, considering the lower risk for the bookie and how much profit will increase once the service is up and running.

Bookies who are ready to become a part of the Price Per Head world and help their sportsbook business grow into a world-class operation can contact Real Bookies right now and get started!

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