BetVegas777 stiff jobs continue

BetVegas777 has two new slow pay reports and refuses to pay or answer inquires on these complaints.

***** OSGA Bad Bet Alert *****

Date: 3.01.19

Avoid: BetVegas777

Reason for today's alert: legitimate, no pay claims

Blacklist Notes: opened in 2017 as a new sportsbook, using the Price-per-head model to save on costs. They started out small and seemed to hang in there, but in summer of 2017 we received a slow payout complaint that has never been resolved. Recently two more no pay complaints have come in and BetVegas777 refuses to answer inquiries.

BetVegas777 scam sportsbookThe initial slow pay complaint seemed to be a one-off and with BetVegas being evasive, we took a 'wait and see' approach with this new sportsbook. In the next year we did not get any more payout complaints on the place. Now, within the last month, there have been two reports of no-pay.

Specific Notes: In 2017 we tried to reach out to BetVegas777 using a phone number in Las Vegas (!) given to us by a client who was being slow paid. When we called we were told that the FBI had raided their office! We outlined this in a Bad Bet piece prior to football season. Shockingly, this place is still online and taking bets, despite Internet searches revealing that this sports book should be avoided.

Shorty after Super Bowl 53, we received two new complaints. Both for smaller money, which is very worrisome. If BetVegas777 can't (or refuses) to pay a few hundred dollars, what would happen if someone would win several thousand?

We were also made aware of a contact person at BetVegas777 who goes by the name of Jeff Robinson. Thought we cannot confirm 100%, this stiff job sounds eerily familiar to a scam perpetrated by Robinson when he worked at There he continually took players money himself, without forwarding to the sportsbook and almost bankrupted a respected operator.

Ultimately, this leads us to a Bad Bet alert on and a continued question about how this place has managed to stick around for nearly two years.

We are recommending that players simply avoid BetVegas777 and Jeff Robinson altogether.

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