OddsMaker Slow Pay Turns to No Pay

When a slow pay complaint turns into a no pay issue and a sportsbook goes "radio silent", it is time to issue a bad bet alert.

***** OSGA Bad Bet Alert *****

Date: 10.20.23

Avoid: OddsMaker.ag

Reason for today's alert: legitimate, slow payout claim

Blacklist Notes: OddsMaker.ag has been around for 20+ years and has been listed on our alert pages and OSGA Insider reports before. But, they generally make good on paying players and we have never issued a Bad Bet alert strictly on this book. Though we have never been fans of this sportsbook, they seemed to be doing a better job over the last few years and we had no complaints registered on the for several years. But, like many smaller sportsbooks, now OddsMaker has yet another payout issue. When we initially contacted them OddsMaker stated that they were in the process of paying this players, but after months, we understand that the payout is never coming.

Specific Notes: OSGA was first contacted by a player over the summer who was being slow paid. The player did receive payouts previously, but a request for a payout in bitcoin back in April was delayed multiple times. We contacted OddsMaker on behalf of the player and were told that there were delays with their cashier and they would update both the player and us. The updates never came, just more excuses about bitcoin issues and cashier problems.

Often we have seen sportsbooks that have a poor cash flow problem stumble during the slower baseball-only betting season. And we told the player that it might be easier to get paid as football season approached. When the player got no money and his requests began to fall on deaf ears as September approached, we reached out to OddsMaker again. Now, the sportsbook has gone silent on the player payout problem and we have not had any response from them in the last month. Ultimately, to recoup at least some of his funds, the player recently decided to charge back his deposits, and at this point, we can't blame him.

All of this leads us to a Bad Bet alert on OddsMaker and a question about why this one player was never paid, despite both telling both OSGA and the customer that payment was coming. It is not like we have a slew of no pay complaints on OddsMaker, but one no pay, particularly when  it is in the thousands fo dollars, is really all it takes for a sportsbook to head down the Bad Bet path. We delayed this Bad Bet Alert on OddsMaker to see if other complaints came in and in hopes of getting this player paid, but, especially after the chargeback, it appears to be a stiff job by OddsMaker for this one player.

We are recommending that players simply avoid OddsMaker altogether.

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