Free Trials Are Something to Look For

A look at the reason why pay per head services offer a free trial and why a new business should use that as a barometer for the service.

It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to start an online bookie.

New to the bookmaking industry?

You don't need to spend a lot of money to get started in this business. In fact, it's a much smarter idea to bootstrap your initial launch to make sure the business is feasible for you.

Some new to the sports betting industry spend five figures on basically nothing and then struggle to find players and they end up losing motivation, which leads to them losing their initial investment.

What Is a Pay Per Head Free Trial?

The best pay per head (PPH) companies offer new clients a free trial period.

Why? Well, it's because they are confident in their product. They know if a bookie gives them a shot they will be able to earn that business, so they are not worried about the short-term gains. 

A PPH service wants clients that stay in the business a long time, as they will earn more in weekly fees.

By giving bookies a pay per head free trial when they are starting out in the business, it allows a bookie to build up a bankroll before they need to worry about paying the weekly PPH fee.

Answering Common Questions About PPH Free Trials

Here are some of the questions we are commonly asked about free trials offered by PPH shops.

How Long Are Free Trials? The length of the free trial will vary, but the most common length is four weeks, which gives you plenty of time to earn some revenue.

Are Free Trials Unrestricted? In most cases, they are. Make sure the trial is unrestricted. If it isn't, then you’re not going to be able to properly test out the service.

How Many Players? When starting a free trial, it is best to onboard a few loyal players that can help you review the service by offering their feedback on the software, bet types, user experience and more. Feedback from loyal players is extremely important.

After the first week, if you're happy with a service and plan on staying, bookies can now start to bring the rest of their betting sheet online with an account to bet on your website.

What Should I Watch For?
You should monitor if there's any downtime where your website is unavailable. You should also use some online website monitoring tools to analyze the speed of your website. Nobody likes a website that’s slow and takes too long to load.

There are a large number of features you should be reviewing while on a free trial. You want to analyze the betting board, odds, casino games, support and more. There's a lot to do when launching a sports betting website, which is why the best PPH review sites have four-week free trials.

If a PPH company doesn't have a free trial, your first question should be. "Why?" The answer is almost always because the PPH service knows you'll leave after the trial because they have a poor product.

When researching pay per head services always be on the lookout for free trials like a1pph.

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