Online Bookies Services Are Available

Pay Per Head services are available to give bookies an Internet presence.

With the explosion in the sports betting industry, technology has driven much of the advancement in its popularity and accessibility. Betting slips and printed pages of lines and odds are things of the past. Whether it's via a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone, people expect to have information literally at their fingertips.

For the large, licensed corporate sportsbooks that are affiliated with casinos and have been approved to operate in the 20 or so states that allow sports betting, online capability is easily afforded. Many of them have been operating physically in Las Vegas for decades. The wave of states regulating sports wagering created a logical expansion of their markets.

While most states have still not approved sports betting and thus their residents still need to find other ways to place wagers, the expectation level of how they do so has been dramatically raised. Websites such as DraftKings, FanDuel and Caesars Entertainment are accessible, even if they can't be used to place wagers outside of approved locations.

There is still a big role for independent sports betting bookies to fulfill, but how they accomplish it is clearly affected by technology. Offshore-based sportsbooks with online access are big competitors for local bookies, but they have their own disadvantages. They are sometimes difficult to fund, with cryptocurrency highly encouraged.

Then there's the matter of getting paid out if a bettor happens to want to settle their account. With no regulation and little accountability, it can be tough for clients to get their money out without a significant delay if they can get it at all.

A local bookie can now offer their clients the same technology, but with the same personal service they've always provided. The best way for a bookie to do this is with a Pay Per Head (PPH) Online Bookie Service. It gives a bookie's clients access to the same type of online wagering experience they would get from major online sportsbook operators.

At the same time, it gives the sports betting agent a software package that includes tracking, reporting and financial information for their entire customer base. There is no longer any need for bookies to develop their own spreadsheets or other manual wager tracking system. It's all included in the PPH Online Bookie Service.

Pay per head oddsIt all begins with the account setup for clients, which is totally controlled by the bookie. They assign login credentials and set the parameters around how their clients can use the system. The PPH provider only collects a fixed fee for each client that places a wager during the billing cycle, usually a week. They don’t charge any additional fees or require any revenue sharing.

For the clients, what they see and use is the online sportsbook. It uses state of the art technology to provide the same functionality and wagering experience they expect to find from much larger operations. For that PPH fee, the bookie is giving their clients access to lines and wagering 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The sportsbook has all major sports represented, including the NFL, NHL, Major League Baseball, NBA, soccer, NASCAR, MMA/UFC, boxing, golf, tennis and others. Wagers can be made for any season, without a gap in availability. It ensures action for the bookie all year around.

Every popular wagering type is supported, with spreads, futures, money lines, over/under, parlays and proposition bets offered. For bookies that have an appetite for more action or risk, live in-game betting through mobile devices is also available. Even horse racing and casino games can be included, if the bookie desires.

All wagers are tracked and the bookie can see at any point in time where they stand relative to payouts and money owed them. They can also review upcoming events and what has been wagered on them. All of this information makes it possible for the bookie to better manage their business and their risk.

Even though odds and lines are available from the top pay per head providers, the bookie has the capability to adjust any that they want to. It could be for individual customers or for all of their clients. The system has the flexibility to support almost anything a bookie needs to do in order to mitigate their risk. To compete in a changing sports betting world, a PPH Online Bookie Service is the only way to go.

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