The Exposure Report Helps Bookies and Agents Make Smart Decisions

Understanding the exposure report is one of the keys to help grow a Pay Per Head business.

When you're a sportsbook manager or agent, there are many different tools at your disposal that you need to get used to, so that you can learn to make the most out of your day-to-day business. Some of these very important tools are hidden right in the agent reports tab, and it is amazing to know how much any of these reports can actually help you get to know your operation and your players, so that you can make good, smart decisions that will help you bring more money in.

We have talked about some of the basic reports before already at, but this time we want you to get to know a different one, the Exposure Report within the agent site. This report provides a glimpse of important data in a matter of seconds, and then you can dig a little deeper afterwards, if you want to get more specific.

What can I learn from my Exposure Report?

This is maybe one of the most underrated reports in our system, but once agents realize how important it is, they will constantly use it to make better decisions regarding the day-to-day operation.

PPH exposure reportThis report will show you a list of every single game on your board, where you're getting action on, and tell you how much players are betting on them. With this, you will be able to instantly see a list of everything that's going on, and see the amounts pending when the bets are open, so that you can know where exactly you’re getting hit on, or if you need to make any quick adjustments to level the odds and make sure you get the most profits out of each game.

Once you identify these specific games you will be able to go into a lot more detail and the report will show you what type of wagers your players are placing, if they’re betting on the teams straight up, if they're placing parlays or teasers, they will show you if the heavy money is coming in on the spread or the money line, or if they're looking for totals, for example. It will also show you who is playing on that specific item, at what time and which line.

So, once you learn to use this report and get the info you need, you will find it is quite useful and it will help you make smarter decisions for those teams in future games, or just profile your customers a little bit better, set better limits.

Get better results with the Price Per Head reporting tool

It's safe to say that, the more you know your business and your clients, the better results you will be able to get, and this of course means more profits, less risk and more fun. Good Price per Head service providers like know the importance of good reports and have worked very hard to be able to give you the best reporting platform in the industry, so, take advantage of this and get used to make more data driven decisions, because that will definitely help you a lot.

Do you want to know more about this? Contact now, they'll be glad to take your call and help you and your operation grow and evolve into something bigger and better!

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