Betting Odds Boosters at Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks are able to adjust odds rapidly and this offers advantages for savvy bettors.

The sports betting industry in the U.S. alone brings in billions of dollars in revenue on a regular basis. There are three primary ways to bet on sports and sporting events as a U.S. player.

The first is through land-based sportsbooks with online sites in designated states with licensed and regulated sports betting. The second is through offshore sportsbooks in legal jurisdictions catering to the American market through their online betting platforms. The third is through private bookmakers working with pay per head sites to offer sports betting online.

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The one common thread between all three is the ability to place wagers online. Of the three, the offshore sportsbooks operating online offers quite a few advantages in the sports betting services they provide. Following ease of access as the No. 1 edge over the competition, flexibility would be a close second.

sports betting online advantagesLand-based sportsbooks offering online action are closely bound by the state they operate in. For example, it was not until the coronavirus shutdown most live sports that betting on eSports was approved for the state of Nevada. States tend to keep a very tight control on how U.S. online books can build out their betting board.

Offshore books face far less gaming board control in their particular jurisdictions. This gives them the ability to raise the bar when it comes to the amount of betting options offered for any sport or sporting event. That is why more and more U.S. bettors continue to turn to offshore books operating online.

A perfect example of this betting flexibility are 'odds boosters.' The concept is simple. Online books are willing to 'sweeten the pot' so to speak with attractive odds for a particular bet. Their goal is to balance out the money bet on all sides of a bet. If too much money is bet on one side over the other, they might boost the odds on the other side of that bet in an attempt to equal things out.

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Another example of an odds booster is a completely new bet on a side and/or total line. For example, the total line for a NHL game between the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning is set at six goals with Boston set as -125 favorite at home. An odds booster for this game might be Boston winning and scoring 3.5 goals or more. The moneyline odds for this bet might be set at +150 to make it even more attractive.

Betting odds boosters can be used in a number of different fashions. Lately, online books are offering daily odds boosters to attract some added action to their sites. There are any number of ways to come up with betting odds that offer a higher reward for taking a higher risk.

A great way to take full advantage of these types of bets is to maintain an active online betting account at multiple books. This way, you can shop the daily boards to find the best betting deals. Odds boosters tend to change on a daily basis. The online books are looking for a quick hook to attract bettors, as well as a quick influx of revenue before they take that option off the board.

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