BOS Payout

A member contacted us regarding his payout from BetOnSports.

 ***** OSGA Member Feedback *****


Feedback Notes:

A Member contacted us to inform us about his refund from BetOnSports. They only sent him out a check for $93.00 out of the $2000 dollars owed.

Outcome of Situation/Reason for Feedback:

We contacted the member back and explained that at least he received a portion of the money he was owed from BOS. We also directed him to the article that was posted on regarding this matter. The member then replied to us saying he saw the article so he just wanted to give us a heads up on his current situation.

Member Feedback:

Thank you guys at the OSGA. Thanks for all your help and infomation that you tried to provide over the years. I appreciate all you do for members.

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