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A member contacted us with a complaint on a sportsbook.

***** OSGA Member Feedback *****

Feedback Notes:
A member contacted us with a complaint on a sportsbook which he requested our help in resolving. He sent a payment via MoneyGram under a fake name because; he sent so much money to the site this fall that he was shut off from sending via MoneyGram and Western Union. Unfortunately, the clerk screwed up and sent the money in pesos to the Philippines instead of in US dollars like the site requires.

Outcome of Situation/Reason for Feedback:
After I heard back from the sportsbook they explained that they were looking at your problem since we first contacted them after you're initial complaint; they informed me that they have tried to contact you and have not yet reached you to help resolve this problem. Please call the sportsbook one of the guys that works for the company has been around for a long time in the industry and is a top-notch guy.

Member Feedback:

I talked to the guy from the sportsbook you suggested I speak with, and he took good care of me. I can't thank you guys enough. I love being a member of OSGA, and I truly appreciate what you guys did for me.

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