Sportsbook Complaint Regarding withdraw from Acccount

A Member was having a problem getting a withdraw from his sportsbook account.

***** OSGA Member Feedback *****

Feedback Notes:

A Member requested a withdrawal from Legends recently and was requested to complete an account verification form because the last deposit was made via credit card. He sent them all the forms including a copy of the credit card--front and back-along with an imprint of the credit card. The member shortly after received an e-mail indicating that they can not read the card information. A couple of days later he had an expert imprint the credit card information on their form and re-sent this much improved legible inprint. Sill he received another e-mail indicated that the imprint is not clear.

Outcome of Situation/Reason for Feedback:

We have contacted Legends on your behalf. They are a strong outfit and I doubt they are doing something to you here on purpose. However, I also understand your frustration with the continued request for documentation. Unfortunately, due to so many less-than-honest players out there, the offshore sportsbooks have gotten very tight with their requirements.

We got the same copies of the credit card fax and it was, in fact, unreadable. We had the player scan a copy of his credit card and send it to us. Within 24 hours of getting the clean scan, the problem was resolved.

Member Feedback:

I want to thank you and OSGA for helping me settle my dispute with Legends. They have agreed to the payouts beginning on May 18th and ending on June 1st.

I will always be grateful for OSGA's prompt intervention and ability to make things right.

Thanks again

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