Sportsbook Complaint - Graded Wagers

A member was having a problem resolving an issue with a couple of tennis bets.

***** OSGA Member Feedback *****


Feedback Notes:

A member was having a problem resolving an issue regarding several tennis bets that were taken after the matches had started. The sportsbook had graded one play as no action and the other as a loss. She contacted us at OSGA to assist her in getting both plays graded as no action after trying for some time to resolve the issue with the sportsbook on her own and getting nowhere.


Outcome of Situation/Reason for Feedback:

Shortly after being informed of the issue we contacted the sportsbook on behalf of our member in hopes to help get this issue resolved. The sportsbook took antoher look at the grading and timing of the bets and assured us that the member’s request for a refund would be granted.


Member Feedback:

I want to thank you for your help in resolving the complaint. They did the correct thing by refunding my wager. I'm glad it was resolved in a timely manner. Good Job by OSGA! I appreciate your help


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