Withdrawal Issue from a Sportsbook

A player contacted us with a withdraw issue he was having with a sportsbook.

***** OSGA Member Feedback *****

Feedback Notes:
A player contacted us with a withdraw issue he was having with a sportsbook. The player request a withdrawal he wanted as much as he could withdrawal as quickly as he could from sportsbook because he has a lot of money on in his account currently. His issue was he requested a $12,000 withdrawal via check on 4/4/13. The checks from the sportsbook came in increments of $3,000 and he was approved for the first 3 $3,000 checks on 4/10/13, 4/18, 13 and 4/28/13.  However it has been over two weeks since the last one was approved and he still has no word on why the final $3,000 check of that payout has not been approved yet. The player contact OSGA for help with this matter.

Outcome of Situation/Reason for Feedback:
We have reached out to the sportsbook on the player's behalf to figure out what is going on with the last $3,000 payout. The player changed movement to his payout, we contacted the player letting him know we heard back from the sportsbook as expected. They have advised us that they were experiencing some technical issues that caused the delay in the player receiving his final $3,000 check. This issue has been resolved, and we were advised that he should see movement within the next couple days.   

Member Feedback:

You guys were great as usual. The cash out has now been processed and I received the message in my account. Thanks OSGA.

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